Failure of religious leaders


There was a news flash on a TV channel yesterday showing an old mother beaten black and blue by a wooden staff by her own son over some property matters. This shows abysmal failure of our religious leaders and imams of mosques who vociferously narrate the punishment in grave by the angels over minor lapses but fail to educate the people about the rights of parents and obligations of children as per command of Allah Almighty to deal with “Ehsan” the parents. Pakistan’s society has sunk to such low depth that we witness severe beating of an old decrepit mother by her cruel son that calls for a similar beating administered to the son by law of equity. This is a case which needs suo motu action by the Chief Justice of Supreme Court to teach a lesson to the “zalim” son as per tit for tat to bring home to the ignorant masses the gravity of offence and quick retribution by the long arm of law.