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Britain supports democracy in Pakistan, not political parties: Hague

British Foreign Secretary William Hague has said that Britain supports democracy in Pakistan.
Talking to a private TV channel William Hague said his country is not with any political party, rather it supports democracy in Pakistan.
He termed his meeting with the President, Prime Minister, Foreign and Finance Ministers and some opposition leaders as ‘good’.
Hague said he is further strengthening ties between Pakistan and Britain, adding he is much interested in upcoming elections in Pakistan.
British foreign minister said he was not here for arbitration between Pakistan and US but wanted good relations between them.
To a question, William Hague said he cannot give timeframe for the restoration of Pak-US ties but hoped that Pakistan and the United States will overcome their differences.

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  1. gama said:

    Who ignored the Parliamentary decision against Drone attacks?

  2. Sundas said:

    It must be conceded that the past four and a half years of an elected PPP-led coalition government have been some of the toughest for any elected government in our history. Not only has the government been under pressure if not siege from the cast of usual suspects, including the military and an overly assertive judiciary, the opposition has blown hot and cold in terms of cooperation with, and also stubborn resistance to, the present dispensation. The challenges faced by any government taking over after the traumatic assassination of Benazir Bhutto and the depredations left behind as a legacy by the Musharraf dictatorship would have tested the most resolute of political leaderships. PPP had no quantum of solace since it came into power. Historically you can analyze this fact that PPP was never given a smooth ride to run this country. Constant leg pulling, conspiracy, palace intrigues and mudslinging always hindered process of delivering. Yet PPP is stick to strengthen democracy in this country.

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