Asma’s allegation


This is in apropos to news item captioned “Threat to Asma’s life condemned – HRCP” (June 04). Everyone in Pakistan was shocked by the claim of renowned human right activist Asma Jehangir that her life was under threat from Pakistan’s security apparatus. The leading jurist, viewed with admiration inside Pakistan and abroad equally, has a demonstrable record of unwavering integrity characterised by her pronounced stance against Pakistan military and intelligence agencies, especially security establishment’s so-called controversial role in extra-judicial killings of Baloch people.
Nonetheless, the critiques argue that the present character of Asma Jehangir has been politicised. While laying the claim, the influential leader of the Bar has not offered any proof to substantiate her allegations against most revered and widely respected national institutions. The emerging trend of incriminating security agencies without any plausible evidence casts serious aspersion on Pakistan’s future as a democratic state. This ought not go unnoticed. The only way to help Asma Jahangir and Pakistan is to expose those who want to eliminate an independent and progressive voice as well as those who want to malign security agencies leading to chaos and anarchy in the country. The government should launch an immediate and transparent inquiry to unearth the truth bedeviling the threats diverted on her.