Appeal to Chief Justice


I would like to request the Chief Justice of Pakistan to uphold his personal integrity in the given circumstances because no position is worth more than a man’s integrity, particularly for a judge. It would be in the interest of the CJ and the judiciary that he does not attend to the Supreme Court till his son’s case is decided. No person is indispensable and the dignity of the judiciary as a state institution is far more important as it is responsible for protecting the rights of the citizens. Therefore, the CJ should protect the confidence of the people by setting high moral standards.
Unfortunately, the CJ’s son has a created a personal dilemma for his father as many questions continue to be raised regarding the CJ’s lack of action when Aitzaz Ahsan informed him about his son’s activities. Why, as a father, the CJ did not know the nature of his son’s activities? How was his son able to become the owner of Rs 0.9 billion-business in just 3 years?
Every thoughtful Pakistani knows that the menace of corruption has polluted every national institution and that the govt servants are not delivering those services to the people which are their rights without bribe. The value of money has taken over our moral values and honesty is considered a fool’s policy. The ruling elite class does not want to change the existing status quo. The rule of law is not acceptable to them. The politicians, civil military bureaucrats and businessmen are only interested in making money at the misery of the general public. Maybe the CJ’s personal sacrifice would change the status quo.


  1. Sir
    u r great but one thing u focus the big justified we are waiting Ur justices for our . because before 1 month u do one diced the uae net call rate is down .but no yet he down why sir why sir.plz do some think about this .as possible is soon.

    • Sir is not interested in common man. He likes high profile cases, media glitz, long cavalcades, Sipas namas and self praise, money, name and fame. Common man should wait for 2014.

  2. Sir, i bring in ur notice that pmdc is registring fake doctors since 1999 this is majar issu because these people are playing with lives of the people these doctoter have buy MD degree from afghanistan and other countries

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