US deploys its biggest aircraft carrier near Gawadar


After failing to strike a deal on NATO supplies with Pakistan, the United States has moved its nuclear-powered aircraft carrier USS Enterprise into Pakistani territorial waters near Gawadar, according to media reports on Thursday. The ship’s deployment in Pakistan’s territorial waters is a violation of international laws. After the deployment of the aircraft carrier in Pakistani seas, the country’s security agencies are now investigating into the matter, sources said. They added that the movement apparently showed the increasing interest of the US in Balochistan province. “The US has moved its biggest aircraft carrier 65 to 70 nautical miles away from Gawadar in the second week of June,” a news website quoted its sources as saying. The USS Enterprise, which holds a crew of over 4,000, is a veteran of several wars.


  1. Haris Khan Anwari yeah i know. but thing is we are still busy fighting with each other. no one actually cares how important that development is.

  2. So finally the ZIOCONS have decided to invade the shores of Pakistan under the pretext to free the Baluch Renegades from the clutches of their own(US) pawns in power at the center!

    • its in ur EEZ around 60 miles in side,u can use others EEZ as silent passage but under intimation to concern country,in no way u can deploy your war ships in others EEZ that to not on edge but 10s of miles inside,its a complete violation.UUS enterprise is fully operational nuclear platform who actively participating in operational deployments,however,due huge expenditures on its maintenance,she will be phased out in next year

  3. US is trying to assert maximum pressure on Pakistan to force Pakistan reach an agreement on various issues on their terms and conditions. In 1971, US used their aircraft carrier to protect the remaining Pakistan from Indian onslaught. After 41 years they have the same aircraft carrier but for a totally different purpose. I do not think that they will intervene militarily in Balochistan Province at this stage.

    • They are busy looting the nations money. The number you have dialed is not responding at the moment and it never WILL…

  4. This is Old Gun Boat Diplomacy America which is the sole Super Power this time on the Globe

    They are doing the same what they did in 1971 in East Pakistan along with India in the sepration of East Pakistan

    And Creation of BanglaDessh

    But mind you you will not be successful as there are no Military Dictator Sitting and there is Democratic Government Parliment Free Press And Free ans fair Judicial System in vogue

    One of the best fighting machine in the world and equiped with Nueclear weapons

    • Saleem, these were the politicians – Bhutto, Mujib, Bhashani and else – who paved the way of breaking Pakistan and then all the blame was put on military ruler.This time again politicians are paving the way of breaking Pakistan once again.

      • Siddiquei sahib you are rt but the commander of the forces and president was a military man and his cabnet.
        Yaya was traped by Bhutto who was Power Hungry at any cost so was instrumental in manouvering the game plan and Pakistan was broken and Bangladesh was born

    • hahaa…. well to add to ur knowledge..bangladesh was formed due to a political dispute not due to a military… it was democracy that was led down by Bhutto which lead to formation of Bangladesh….

    • They are NOT the best army in the world…. They would like to think they are. They are nothing but failures now. This is not the army of 1965 that had self respect and dignity.

  5. This aircraft carrier is soon going to be out of commisioned in US. Thats the reason they brought it here as anything happen to it will not cause much to US and they will start a war with Pakistan.

  6. they are here to protect threaten pakistani people so that they dont go for options like tunisia or egypt. there are here with full support from govt. and military like they are doing drone attacks. they are here to protect there puppets in pindi and islamabad.

  7. guys chill out this is well beyond Pakistan's territorial limit
    just a peace of sensationalism by media
    "Territorial waters, or a territorial sea, as defined by the 1982 United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea,[1] is a belt of coastal waters extending at most 12 nautical miles (22 km; 14 mi) from the baseline (usually the mean low-water mark) of a coastal state. The territorial sea is regarded as the sovereign territory of the state, although foreign ships (both military and civilian) are allowed innocent passage through it; this sovereignty also extends to the airspace over and seabed below."
    reference Wikipedia

    60-70 nm is more thanfive times the limit

    • Thank you for that Tayyab, thats called proper journalism.

      Very disappointed in Pakistan Today, sensationalising this like that. As if we dont have enough with pathetic PPP, MQM, NAwaz & now Malik Riaz after CJ.

    • Its not territorial waters but its Pakistan's EEZ (Exclusive Economic Zone) upto about 200 nautical miles

    • Media dont have the accurate picture of USS enterprise… its name CVN-65 and the pic we can see with this news is Number 79… so first try to post correct picture

  8. Firstly, Pakistan should give a 12 hours notice to USA, to immediately move back it's warship out of our sea limits, secondly, if US disobeys this notice, then it should order US embassy to vacate its staff from Pakistan, in 48 hours, thirdly, call a UN security council meeting and inform all and sundry, that this an act of war and the US should be ready to face all it's consequences. Now, for once and all, let USA call it's bluff. Of its going to be a war then so be it.

    • You are stupid. It's international waters and territorial waters is 12 miles as agreed to by the UN convention. You Pakistani's can cry all you want, but you have no claim here and declaring war on a nation that violated no law, well, good luck with that.

    • nayyar,
      hey genius, US is veto-wielding member of UNSC, so what will that do?
      nextly, what violation is there from being 70 miles out? that's international waters

      what war? will you write a letter to US congress begging them to release F16s, so that you can use them to shoot at their navy? go cry some more

    • Is Kayani going to keep sleeping disgracing all Pakistanis even after watching 24 of our soldiers martyred by the US deliberately and now this? The fact that US Enterprise is so close to our land borders whether within our territorial waters or not – whats it doing there? Fishing?? I agree – if this drunk a$# "gov't" had any iota of guts, they would give the US a 12 hour ultimatum to get out – forget the UN – the most useless international agency ever created which cannot implement anything anywhere – just passes resolutions that everyone scoffs at. If the ship doesnt leave within 12 hrs – bomb it. Its an act of war and should be dealt with as such. Otherwise, why are we spending over 60% of the national budget on "defence" – Kayani wake up PLEASE!

  9. mr Noman H taliban in afghanistan have no army budget but still amirican got badly crushed by taliban. becuse yhey bilive only on allah. so just bileve on allah.

    • i want to say please you can try nations protect. securet hole border and sky and facility us force atack pakistan.hay allah you protect our all muslim country.please you can flow your sky and river no facility us army.

  10. I think Taliban is totally crushed only US spreading news that Taliban is so strong since 9/11 Poor Afghanistan

  11. This is the worst article I've read yet. First off, territorial waters only extend to 12 miles. Second off, the USS Enterprise is no longer in deployment and is heading for decommissioning. What the hell kind of journalists write stupid crap like this that makes no logical sense?

    • They did not tell us the real story. The real story is 'Enterprise' is being given to Balouch Nationalists. The Indian RAW agents are already engaged in training the crews. A secret shipment of pretzel, dates and citrus fruits was delivered by MOSAD for commando operations …
      Ask Zaid Hamid. He will tell you …

  12. It was bound to happen. Pakistan must beware and decide what it wants. It cant run with the hare and hunt with the hounds

    • But the conspiracy theory holds that 'it still can run with the hounds and hunt with the hair' …

  13. You guys are over ventilating for nothing, pakistan territorial waters is to 14 miles from low water mark (shallow waters) and US in its election year without a huge rhetoric campaign enough to malign a saint to look a devil, wont get into such an adventure.
    Ask ifti to take suo moto on this too 😉

    • Hahaha …
      'Grass' asides, look at their poor state of military intelligence. They don't that 'Enterprise' is covertly donated to Balouch Nationalist. They believed the US official explanation that 'Enterprise' is here for a swimming practice …

  14. Dear Tayyab I agree with you absolutely regarding international waters however the fact that USS enterprise has already taken part in almost all of the recent wars initiated by the USZ can not be ignored. I am of the opinion that this maneuver is done to pressurize the unstable govt or if not achieved, then(God forbid) initiate a quick sweep & clear mission on Pakistan's nuclear capabilities. I wish I am wrong but it is better to be safe than sorry. All we can do is to unite ourselves. Pakistan Zindabad

  15. Hahahaha " declaring war on a nation that violated no law" look who's talking. From Afghanistan to Libya & most probably syria & Then Pakistan, americans have always disregarded international laws & made lame excuses for their bloodthirsty warmongers. your general public is like zombies being spoon fed by your biased media. if I Stand with a gun near you or just in your neighborhood shall I be threatening or just within my privacy. Don't be a zombie. If you are really on the good side look at your policies & who is making them. Clean your govt from all evil. If you don't like or feel threatened by Pakistanis then ban visa to all. but just stop this idiocy before it kills everyone.

  16. US does not need a aircraft carrier. A couple of dozens of boy scouts can do the job. It takes a 600,000 strong army to defeat a dozen untrained, unorganized tribesmen in swat. That tells you how well the armed forces prepared under kiayani's leadership.

    • Who told u that the terrorists our there were untrained and a dozen? They were given training and provided advanced technology weapons in Afghanistan by so called peace loving Indians. If it was not a big deal then y are wearing bangles n sitting relaxed at the laptop and passing freaky comments against the army( Real JAWANS). GO and serve Pakistan if u are a real man.

  17. In 1965 and again in 1971,the so-called vessels of U.S were deployed near Pakistan terrotry,but they did not help Pakistan.Now we being the peaceful citizens of Independent Pakistan strongly protest over this provoked deployment.Is it the real spirit of democracy shown by a Champions of Democracy super does not suite America to threat its freinds in that manner.we condemn this act of hospitality from a country for whom Pakistan almost lost all the things,but at the end ,this is the result It is shameful action by U.S.A Why International Community is silent over this naked and shameless action by a close freind to a very close freind is not good.U.S must immidiately remove all things things from Pakistan tarritories,Why the U.N.O is not taking any action? Now the world conscious is sleeping and silence is a very shameful reaction.


  19. Its time to open-up our eyes and mind and close our mouths. Why can't we understand we are living under New World Order – that demands 100% compliance of U.S. Ironically we are in trouble both internally and externally period.

  20. Which US president said 'Talk softly but carry a big stick".

    Obama and co talk rough and carry a really massive stick.

  21. Your news in correct but Picture showing in the news is wrong… USS enterprse name is CVN-65 and the number showing in this pic in 79….. hope u will post my comment

  22. We have two choices. Either let’s blame the army, the government, judiciary and the media and keep on waiting for them to take a stand OR just accept the fact that it is upon us to protect our motherland. Although the second choice is much harder but let’s not forget that at the end of the day it is all of us that are going to suffer. Let’s stay united and show the world how powerful we are as a nation and who knows maybe one day the army, the government, media and judiciary will also come around seeing that Pakistan is not a nation full of lazy, selfish, stupid cowards but a nation with pride and courage!

  23. First of all, is this news credible ?

    Second point, before calling Pak Fauj, the best army, please do a check of what kind of country we build since 1947 !

    Everyone is cheating, eveyone stole everyone, nobody pay taxes, everyone is criticizing everyone, etc…

    So what are we able to give as tools for our defence ?

  24. ye Zardari ya dour hay yahan sab bikta hy ………… Justice, Defense,Knowledge,Life, Grace, and what else……………………………………………….. where every Pakistan child born with debt around 70,000/- just because of this failed government.
    PLz Allah ka Khoof Karo………………………………
    Duniya me Andhair hy
    Allah k han nahi

  25. looking like more of a pressure tactic, hey give us the transit route or we are going make one through Blochistan! and If Pakistan is not ready for this kind of action by US on military and diplomatic fronts, that can very well be done in front of Pakistan eyes in the process a broken Pakistan. While defending the interest of Pakistan, it need to put its house on order, only a united Pakistan can fend off it enemies.

    Looking at recent US wars, modus operandi is first put sanctions, no fly zones, criple economy and defence needs, one they are sure the target country doesnt have any means to defend, only then they will attack! This hasnt happened, and Pakistan will not go down like Iraq or Afghanistan without givng a fight.

  26. koi preshani ki bat nai ye strike group es pahle bi karachi ki visit karta ra ha weise bi es aircraft carrier ne march 2013 ko retire ho ker us navy meusim main juma ho ra ha ye es ka final globel visit ha es ki jaga new world biggest 110000ton carrier uss enterprise ,,no9 enter ho ga muger 9.5bn doler ka mazeed jhatka us defence budget burdasht na ker sake albata es ka ye stay baloock sepretest mpvement ko hosla de ga ye be such ha ke mehran attack ke baad pak nevy ki stike power kafi kharab ho gai ha pak nevy ki air sirvi’ance and attack position pe ???? ha , pak nevy ki maded ke leea paf ke masroor base pa mirage squarden bi enterprise stike group se pak beech site asset s ko save rukhna mojza ki ho yad rakho without 4squarden hi tech fighter plane ke pak nevy ka defence kerna bilkul aise ha ke fuse bulb holder main luga ker roshni umeed rukhi jay muger kum buget ke saath ye sub bi mojze se kum nai

  27. They are just doing game with a Pakistan. And Sorry to say that our Pakistani ARMY are just looking to their actions. Pakistani ARMY are unable to take an action against them. Because of what ? I know they are supper power. But its not mean that they take a part into another country and their law and order.

    As far as NATO supply concerned. Then i feel that it should not open.

    Pakistan Army should positive action against this issue.

  28. The news is fake. there is no source specified and details are too less. the only source specified is at the top of photo which is for photo i think because online has no such news in their archive

  29. as per current up date it has move to 90 mile south of gawader,it is there along with a nuclear sub 'toledo' and five more ships.

  30. The Enterprise has been withdrawn from service and is awaiting decommissioning. The Enterprise is CVN-65. The carrier in the photo is numbered "79" for CVN-79. CVN-79 is still under construction. This photo is a fake and the article is not true.

  31. They are going to make an "international corridor", that will go all the way to Afganistan

  32. You Pakistani's are retards.

    1. The Enterprise is not the largest US Carrier.

    2. That picture the newspaper used is not even of the Enterprise, it's computer drawing of the USS John F. Kennedy, an aircraft that has not even been built yet.

    3 Watch CNN or something, and get the REAL news, instead of getting inflamed by this nonsense.

    4. Your territorial seas only extend 12 miles from your coast. After that it's international waters, by international treaty.

    5. If you ragheads even so much as throw a spitball at one of our ships we'll send your sorry muslim asses back to the middle ages you seem to think were so great.

  33. The enterprise Is due to be deactivated. A very costly endeavor. Look for it toi be attacked and sunk, by the US/Israel and blamed on Pakistan. Thus providing the reason to attack/invade Pakistan.
    They did the same thing with the USS Liberty in 1967. A preplanned attack by Israel to be blamed on Egypt.

  34. Dear idiots territorial waters is 12 miles, a country has economic rights to 200 miles from their coast. The US needs to end all aid to Pakistan and kick out all pakistanis from the US and maybe end all trade, than the taliban can slit your throats.

  35. Listen John Anderson the drone attacker… We would prefer to b killed by Taliban than your unmanned drones that you use to kill hundreds innocent everyday… N don’t give us this bullshit of Taliban again… You first get the fudge out of Pakistan n the rest will b fine… Get your black water shit n CIA out of Pakistan n we will b fine… And another thing… Don’t think that your economy is running coz of you typical Americans, it is indeed working coz of hardworking Pakistani n Indians there. I have lived in USA for 10 years n learned that you idiot americans are the laziest ppl on the face of this earth… You only know how to live on food Stamps and drive Harley’s… No culture n no tradition… Your majority of the ppl are idiots n doesn’t even know your own map of USA. They don’t know if California is a state or a city… What are u proud of… My foot..

    • Wow very well said about the so called super power USA. Keep posting this reality to show them their real face.

  36. US thinks this is 19th century where gunboats can scare the natives carrying bows and arrows.

    Today come on to any well prepared country and see how these "floating coffins" can perform.

    Anyway such actions do not scare anyone today .. outdated doctrine and so is US'[s entire carrier groups concepts.

    These silly guys want to take on China with a few floating coffines….gosh.

  37. Pakistanis talk about muslim brotherhood but do a good job of constant killings of other muslims and raping their own muslim women.

  38. Aslam Alikum…
    This is time of true tubba and asked help of Allah subhan-Talh, These zoinest never accomplished their mission..We may not reach USA but we will destroy Israel with nuclear bombs Insh-Allah….

  39. Give America a 24 hours ultimatum to stop drone strikes. Give them a 72 hour ultimatum to begin vacating Afghanistan.

    If any of these things are not done, scramble 50% of the Pakistani airforce to wipe out American and NATO bases in Afghanistan. Use naplam and white phosphorus, to make a point. Do not stop bombing no matter what. Wipe out all western troops (around 80,000 of them) .

    That should send a message.

  40. Don't you think it is long past time for the US to take its military toys and go home?

  41. GEN. KEYANI plz do something and must be vigilant watch against us carrying air craft and involvement in Gawadar

  42. No need to get bullied by these American losers, they’ve already been disgraced in Afghanistan. They have no guts to take over Balochistan for their NATO supplies; Balochistan would be more fatal to the alcoholic pork-eaters than Afghanistan.

  43. Americans have a psyche to bully the world, if they had had guts they wouldn't have been humiliated in Vietnam and now in Afghanistan. They are barking dogs, they haven't yet bitten Iran; Pakistan can defend itself IA.

  44. I hope they will attack as soon as possible. So pakistan can no longer send terrorists into Afghanistan.

  45. be ready for war pakis……….loadsheding ka ghusa america per……………..enjoy the war

  46. It is a PsyOp – US will never attack a nuclear armed country of 170million people. Plus why would they with Zardari/Gillani/Kiyani forever towing their line. Supply lines are open – our airspace was never closed, a drone base is still active and recent statements have moved on from no supply line to offer apology and increase tariffs. ps: increase tarrif point has been shelved now.

  47. If the defenders of Pakistan cannot safeguard from the external dangers of Pakistan then the whole of the TopBrass of the Army and Navy should resign as a mark of Solidarity with the people of Pakistan, we know that the PPP regime was brought to safeguard the American Interest and they are doing a pretty good Job the only problem is the Supreme Court who has given numerous decisions against the Govt to save Pakistan and are a hunderence to the agenda of destroying Pakistan.We should all pray that May ALLAH KEEP PAKISTAN IN HIS AMAAN

  48. I think, some times it becomes inevitable for a dead nation to lift up again and united by virtue of some disaster like natural catastrophe or even war!!!!
    If this happens, it is going to be a blessing in disguise for a dead nation like us!!!
    If US will do adventure here its going to be its last adventure and the count down of "world order" will be started.

  49. We know from a long time amerecan intension regardin blochistan, .its our army who needs to wake up & coferet this seution a s p

  50. Just as much as its devastating firepower, the ship's sheer size never ceases to amaze me. I can only wonder how much steel and other raw materials were used to build it.

  51. we are surrounded by enemy but we fight for our honour we fight for our fatherland the are afriad by us soon we conquer this us and western countries north koean army is coming for our help let end this war for good long live pakistaNI ARMY

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