SC gives Riaz 7 days to appoint counsel


A three-member bench of the Supreme Court (SC) hearing the suo motu case against Malik Riaz for conducting a news conference maligning the judiciary, declined to put him on exit control list (ECL).
The bench headed by Justice Shakirullah Jan, granted seven-day time to Malik Riaz to take up the counsel to plead his case before the bench. The court also said the man who can come all the way from Britain to appear before the court, will not flee the proceedings.
It should be mentioned here that Malik Riaz appeared before the two-judge bench hearing Dr. Arsalan suo motu case on Tuesday, June 12.
Justice Shakirullah Jan said to Riaz that he is required to keep extending his cooperation to the bench, adding the court will give him seven-day period; but, this should not mean that his counsel should seek more time.
Malik Riaz has been directed to file his rejoinder in the next hearing. On this, he said he approached several lawyers including Aitezaz Ahsan, but with no success thus far.
The court lauded Bahria Town boss over his decorum before the bench. Malik Riaz also requested the court that he does not know English; accordingly, he needs correspondence in Urdu. The court adjourned the hearing till June 21.
Talking to media after the hearing, Malik Riaz maintained, “I said whatever I had to in the court. Now, I do not want to say anything on media.”
Replying to a query regarding his future participation in any talk show, the real estate tycoon Malik noted he will not utter a word against the judiciary in accordance with an undertaking given before the bench, adding, “Hence, I will not speak on the issue.

Malik Riaz Press Conference that prompted SC suo motu notice
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  1. Riaz Malik must be dealt severely and maximum punishment should be awarded to him and his all movable or non-movable properties must be forfeited in the name of that in future no one dares to speak agaist the superioer judiciary.and Media must be warned not to conduct live telecast on their tvs.

      • No. they are not God but any one can disagree with SC but should not pass derogatory remarks. One can always express in a civilized way.

  2. On the contrary, the Court should have directed all people who know Iftikhar and family to come forward with information. The nation has a right to know the true face of the man who, unfortunately, happens to be the Chief Justice. Iftikhar mentioned the Sunnah of the Holy Prophet PBUH and Hazrat Omer RA. The Holy Prophet always asked everybody to tell others about his public and private conduct. So why is Iftikhar managing such orders from his brother judges to keep his secret face hidden from the public.

  3. Media should stop airing shows which is creating more controversies. The talk shows have become entertaiment show rather than any discussion forum where very ignorant people gather to talk about serious matters. This practice must stop, They should confine themselved to just report news and not opinion building forums.

    • hey Jialas, when Malik Riaz will, God forbid, take away some plot of yours that ur dad made through savings from his whole life or when he will murder one of ur close relatives, then i will ask you how much a “Savior” is he for yourself

    • it is inappropriate to call names (kana). Will it be ok if some one calls you horrible looking girl (or whatever u r). You can express in civilised way as ordained by Allah in Quran. Are you related to Riaz Malik

    • No one can accumulate such huge wealth in such little time without indulging in frauds.
      There is a saying, "In the foundations of big castles, there is blood of the poor"
      Ask poor farmers whose land was grabbed by Riaz Malik through greasing palms of police, patwaaris and lower courts of tehsildars etc. and then selling these plots with so high rates.

  4. court should not give sofdt comment on riaz malik .man who held obnoxious press conference hurling all kind of nonsesens accusation on chief can his condyuct in court be appreciated.he is munafak no 1 and fraud like his guru zardari who has out to hound his this case this cjp to ruin everything,amass trillion more

  5. I will request all to watch the planted interview of Riaz Malik on AWAZTV.COM and judge for yourself the credibility of Riaz and the so called anchors of Pakistan TV.


  6. Mehar Bukhari aur mubasher kuqman dono ik number k BEGART, Kamene and Pakistan k sath honest nai hn. dono ko media main rehne ka koi haq nai hy. Dono GADDAR hn. Malik Raiz jo hy so hy but Media Anchors b kam nai. sirf PIASA he sub kuch nai hota. self respect aur loyality b koi chez hoti hy. aur MEHA BUKhari to BLACK WATER k sath b invove hy ,i am vitnes of this…..

    Both are answerable.

  7. App ka kiya khayal hain video leak kisi muhbewatan pakistani ney ki hogi. I am sorry you are wrong Sir. Video leak karney waley ney apni qeemat khoob lagwaye hogi. Aur yeh video kam sey kam 1 crore mey GEO ney khareed ker youtube per upload karwai hain takey saanp bhi mar jaye aur lathey bhi na tootey. Yeha Ho sakta hain Interview Planted ho laiken kiya SC registrar ney nahey mana key CJ ney mulaqatey key PM sey aur Malik Riya sey. jabkey CJ ney waada kiya tha ko woh kisi sey nahey milngey apney maazooli key daur mey.
    Kiya Hum Bohat jaldi logo per aitbar nahey ker layety baghair kisi sabot key.
    CJ ko nahye pata tha key Malik Riya aik corrupt admi hain aur phir bhi woh mulaqatey kratey rhaye.
    CJ ko yeh bhi nahye pata tha key Musharraf aik Dictator hain
    CJ ko yeh bhi nahye pata tha key Arsalan kyon Malik Riyaz sey mil raha hain.
    Qanoon zaroor andha hota hain laiken CJ andha nahey hain.
    Aik faisla Musharraf key khilaf karney sey yeh LFO zada admi farihsta ban gaya.

  8. Malik Riyaz ko Bulaya Dunya ney offcourse this is the Biggest moment in the history of Pakistan and the interview was highly ranked. Next day Express invited Ch. Nisaar and he started admiring CJ and abusing Mailk Riyaz so that was also planted wrong Sir.

    All Channels are there to make money no one is doing it for charity or only for patriotism. They are all part of our society and we are all corrupt so that’s why we got this kind of corrupt government. Its all from ALLAH. Clean yourself first then start criticizing others. Media shows what Viewers wants. Dunya done the same and its normal All Channels do. But what GEO did is ethically wrong because the rating for this interview was tooooo high, and the Geo anchors was also got blamed. Who is the beneficiary of this bloopers Not CJ or Arsalan. Its GEO.

  9. Disliking doesn’t mean its not logical.Sach hamesha Qarwa hota hain,
    chalo farihsta ban bhi sakta hain ALLAh sey muafi mang ker laiken kiya us ney aney pichley faislo per mauafi mangi. Kiya us ney apney pichley faislo per Nidamat zahir key aur un ko condemn kiya. Malik riyaz aik corrupt thekeydar hain aur us ko use larney waley bhi corrupt ho saktey hain laiken is sey yeh nahey zahir hota key CJ farihsta ban gaya hain.
    Imran Khan ney Musharraf ko support kiya laiken phir muafi mangi key us ne ghalata kiya. Kiya CJ ney qaum sey Muafi mangi. Nahey.

    Konsa aisa faisala hain jo isney Qaum key liye kiya after his restoration .
    Adlia ki halat konsi theek hain lakho cases abtak waisey hi parey hain jaisey ho 1947 sey parey thy.
    Kam az kam Adlia keyki halat hi theek ker laity itney saalo mey.
    Jaha tak Media ka sawaal hain All Tv Channels are same. Youtube bhra parha hain is tarha key bloopers sey.
    GEO TV is the biggest Black Mailer in electronic Media.

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