Realtor goes on with ‘real talk’


Malik Riaz, the real estate tycoon, is on fire. In one startling revelation after the other, the property magnate seems to be dumbfounding the nation each day about the Arsalan bribery scam with fascinating, and at times contradictory claims from within his arsenal of “bombs”. In an exclusive interview with Dunya News on Wednesday, Malik Riaz claimed that the incumbent CJP’s reinstatement had actually been done on two conditions, shaking the foundations of the countrymen’s pride that it was actually their protests and street power that had got their “chief” reinstated. Malik Riaz said President Asif Ali Zardari set forth two conditions before reinstating Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry – that Justice Iftikhar would not trouble the Pakistan People’s Party government unduly and that the CJP would not run a parallel government. And of course, Riaz said, the CJP accepted both. Hinting at more surprises yet to come, Riaz said he had “a lot of secrets in his heart”.
It is again baffling that a person, who demanded he be tried in courts like a commoner, went on to lay a mammoth claim that he was “helping the government”, but the government was nowhere near with the reciprocal help.
Riaz said he respected the chief justice but he should answer the questions put to him.
To a question he said, “If I am a tax evader the government should arrest me,” adding that he was ready to go to jail, even die.
Malik Riaz said he was being blackmailed for the last two years, adding that Dr Arsalan, the CJP’s son, used be present in the meetings held with Justice Iftikhar. However, he clarified that he had not accused the chief justice of any wrong and respected him.
But, he did not shy away from saying that the apex court would be responsible if he was harmed in any way, saying he be damned by God if he accused someone falsely.
“The Supreme Court would be responsible if our project (Bahria Town) goes defunct or something bad happens to me,” he said.
Asked about the repercussions of his news conference, Riaz said he did not care if he was charged with contempt or sent to prison.
He said he had given Rs 850 million for Punjab government’s Ashiyana Housing Scheme, adding that 75 percent of his assets were being used for the welfare of the masses.
“I have been blackmailed, just like many other businessmen were,” he said, adding that he had always supported the chief justice, “but, Arsalan Iftikhar is a don”.


  1. First of all question is that an ordinary clerk has bebecome a buisness tycoon is itself more questionable than his talks about Dr Arsalan and CJ. A man like Malik Riaz can go to any limits to save charges against of Bahria Township under investigation. Any body with 2 brain cells can figure it out that who is behind Malik Riaz and suporting him to say balatant lies against CJ. It is a brain child of those who do not want a free and fair couts in Pakistan.

  2. They groomed the son of the Chief Justice and helped establish his business which returned profits. The son develops a taste for a luxury life. The father was happy seeing his son turning into a successful businessman. All good but did the son know that his business was being managed. The grooming is of the kind that paedophiles do to entice children for their own sexual gratification. If the justices put in the right drivers in the enquiry by way of a commission the story behind the story will reveal itself.

  3. CJ is also as corrupt as any other person…it started from fake domicile of Balochistan.

  4. If the government of Pakistan arrested every tax evader, the whole country, starting with the Government its self would be behind bars.

    This whole scam is a trap set by the PPP to bring the CJP down. His son, was foolish enough to walk into it.

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