Garbage heaps in twin cities need attention


Piles of garbage are mounting in twin cities of Islamabad and Rawalpindi are providing favourable conditions for the growth of dengue mosquito and increasing the chance of spreading dengue virus.
The poor cleanliness system is causing eye diseases, typhoid, malaria and other diseases amongst the children of the residents. The residents are concerned about the poor cleanliness conditions in cities as the CDA staff collects and throws the garbage on the roadside. Muhammad Asif, a resident of G-7/1, told APP.
“We cannot stand for a minute in street as the stench coming out of the heaps of garbage and filthy, still water cannot allow you to do so” said Muhammad Aslam, a resident. “We cannot go to mosque due to the filthy water gathering in every street,said a group of the Faizabad residents. “I don’t allow our children to move out of our homes in the evening as many incidents of children falling into the ponds of filthy water have occurred, said a group of housewives.


  1. Are they the two garbage heaps known as the Presidency and National Assembly?

    A fleet of bulldozers couldn't clear that much rubbish/BS in a hundred years

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