Contempt petition filed in LHC against Malik Riaz


Mustaq Ahmad Mohal Advocate Supreme Court on Wednesday filed a contempt of court petition in the Lahore High Court against business tycoon Malik Riaz for leveling serious allegations against superior judiciary during his press conference on Tuesday.
The petitioner who also happens to be a member of the Punjab Bar Council filed the contempt of court petition against Malik Riaz under section 204 of the Constitution of Pakistan 1973.
The petitioner pleaded that Malik Riaz had tried to blackmail and scandalise the judiciary during his press conference and leveled serious allegations that Dr Arslan Iftikhar was running the whole superior judiciary like a ‘don’ by using the name of his father. The advocate stated that his words, remarks and tone was highly contemptuous and he was liable to be convicted and sentenced for committing contempt of court.
The petitioner-lawyer pleaded that superior judiciary is fully independent, honest and impartial as it has performed extraordinarily against corruption, malpractices and other illegal actions of the most influential persons in the country. In addition to this, he said, the superior judiciary also took up the cases of missing persons in Balochistan and other parts of the country and challenged the most powerful establishment and held them responsible in case of missing persons.
Advocate Mohal said by calling into question the suo moto action by the Supreme Court, Riaz had directly violated and bruised the sanctity of judicial system and committed unprecedented contempt of superior judiciary in Pakistan. The petitioner said the contemptuous remarks by Malik Riaz had caused a severe blow to the honesty and sanctity of the office of chief justice and the whole judicial system of Pakistan.
He said the business tycoon’s remarks had badly hurt the emotions and feelings of the lawyers community across the country thus causing a severe damage to the image of independent judiciary in Pakistan.
The petitioner prayed that contempt of court proceedings be initiated against Malik Riaz as he was liable to be convicted and sentenced for deliberately and intentionally making derogatory and debasing remarks against the chief justice and the superior judiciary.