Babar Awan claims to receive life threats


Former Law Minister and disregarded People’s Party leader Babar Awan Thursday said that he is being threatened along with his family.
Speaking to media here, he said that he and his family are being threatened via phone from two different numbers, which he will disclose at an appropriate time. He said that investigative agencies should fulfill their responsibilities.
He said the government had also removed security from his house.
Awan refused to answer a query when asked if he was being harassed by the Prime Minister’s House.
The former PPP leader expressed reservations over the law and order situation in the country.
When asked to comment on Arsalan Iftikhar case, he said he would not comment on the case since it was sub judice.
Awan said he would stand by the Supreme Court of Pakistan and everybody should do so.


  1. I have a simple advice for Babar Awan, that once you become part of a gang remain with the gang.

  2. Is this the same man who Said "Notice Lilya Kuch Na Hilya" He made all kind of derogatory remark about SC specially against Justice Khosa. Now he says that he stands by SC. Very strange. Should one believe now? Regardless what you are saying now, you should still be punished for contempt. Maybe this will reach you some lesson.

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