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30 students to attend Doha summit

Around 30 young students are set to avail an exceptional experience of their lifetime as they are being invited to attend the 2012 WISE (World Innovation Summit for Education) Summit in Doha, Qatar, where a galaxy of educationists, students and experts would gather to pool up their contributions for improving the education sector in third world and Middle East.
The WISE summit is being held from November 13-15 and it would provide the young students with the opportunity to take part in amazing global experiences throughout the year 2013.
This would be the third consecutive conference following the success of the 2010 and 2011 Learners’ Voice Program, in which 49 learners from 31 countries were carefully selected to participate. The World Innovation Summit for Education (WISE) kicks-off its search for the 2012 generation of learners with seeking nominations from all-over the globe. The WISE learners’ voice program engages young learners and supports their development as change-makers and advocates in the field of education. For year 2012, the WISE has invited representatives of institutions, organizations, programs and networks to nominate outstanding and motivated young learners to participate in the WISE learners’ voice program. And, for the first time, learners are also invited to apply personally by submitting an application which needs to be endorsed by a recommender. Highly motivated learners/recent graduates with outstanding or original academic/learning experiences, aged 18 to 25 (as of November 13, 2012) can be nominated or apply for the programme. Since 2011, selected WISE learners have had the opportunity to work collaboratively on the theme of increasing access to education through innovation. In order to research the theme, they attended the 6th world youth congress in Brazil, the e-learning Africa conference in Benin, and the India youth forum, among other important events. They also visited on-the-ground projects to gain practical insights and understanding of the issue. The participants should be currently enrolled in (or recently graduated from) a course of study at a recognized college, university or training program and be willing to contribute some of their time to the program throughout the year. Complete criteria can be found online at www.wise-qatar.org. Nominations and applications are currently being accepted. Only first 300 applications received online will be evaluated.

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