No human right violation in Arsalan case: Bukhari


Real estate tycoon Malik Riaz’s legal counsel, Zahid Bukhari said on Wednesday that there was no need to take Suo motu notice as their was no human right violation in Dr Arsalan Iftikhar case.
Talking to media persons in Lahore, Zahid Bukhari said that he asked the court to set up commission or transfer the case to other institution for investigation, adding that the court reply would be expected tomorrow in this regard.
He said that the contempt of court was not carried out in the press conference of Malik Riaz, adding that he was not consulted for this media briefing
However, the court recorded the statements of both parties and journalists pertaining to Dr Arsalan Iftikhar case but the SC cannot carry out the investigation of the case and some other institutions should investigate it in accordance to law, Bukhari added.
Zahid Bukhari said that during the proceedings of the case, he asked the court to constitute a commission for the investigation of Dr Arsalan Iftikhar case like the one which was setup during Memo Gate case.
He said that the attorney general has supported his stance in the court while Sardar Ishaq, counsel of Dr Arsalan Iftikhar requested the court to hold judicial enquiry of the case.


  1. This guy (Zahid Bukhari) appears to have sworn in to defend all the corrupt people in the country, it may be PM, his sons or now this property don. The legal profession gets devoid of any human conscience?

  2. The legal profession should feel ashamed of itself for having grabbed land illegally in F-8 Markaz Islamabad. I returned to Islamabad after a year and was shocked to see how far these encroachments have reached, even occupying the police station and post office land! These lawyers are a disgrace!!!

  3. This lawyer is perfect example of a P*MP. He was lawyer of Raymond Davis and Hussain Haqqani.

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