Another scandal


Is daddy standing on the other side of the nozzle this time?

Justice Kiyani once remarked, “Calamity comes not alone.” Since he was commenting on the news delivered to him about the martial law imposed by Ayub Khan, he added, “They come in battalions.” What with the Sicilian Panetta issuing all sorts of threats and the heads and scions of every political party tainted with corrupt practices, the last we wanted was the advent of the Family-gate drama of which every educated person is aware of or has formed an opinion.

There are just two possible outcomes to the episode. The much touted proofs will either not be submitted to the court or else it will be too mild to convict the harebrained Dr Arsalan. Or, it may be good enough to put him in the jug.

For those who keep away from the TV for their mental health, the tycoon Malik Riaz excels in business practices like all shopkeepers in the footsteps of the great Shareef family. He too would have, if he wanted, become the caretaker PM when this present set up is dissolved to get his soiled name in history books. He has the self control to avoid that dubious distinction and just pursue his first love – money, since power comes to him from every quarter in the country and he even advises the best on political matters. Why did he then jump into this pimping for coal affair? The answers can be either to to save some of the aforementioned scions from an abrupt end to their political careers or to scare the judiciary from calling the chief on the matter of missing persons.

He is said to be the only person equally popular among both politicians and generals. Not only has he employed a bevy of retired generals in Bahria town, those who benefitted him a lot while in service, which by the way requires a lot of money since they are never short of job opportunities within the army business empire like Fauji fertilisers and heading sports bodies and what not. He also minted a lot of money for them and himself in DHA/Bahria merger in Islamabad and contrary to a very informed semi Islamic column writer with an interest in spiritualism, he is said to be making Gen Kyani’s retirement house too. And Allah knows best.

This is a testing time for the media. On one side, the media-judiciary alliance is going hunky-dory. On the other hand, the universal friend Malik Riaz is hand in glove with the media. Under the circumstances, and as I said earlier, the first choice in this rigmarole shall be to pressurise the CJ on a certain something or work out a settlement between the two parties that hurts none. This is in the best interest of the media and their best hope. They have their analysts on TV and newspapers taking the CJ’s side. On the other hand, they are bombarding the Bahria Town ads, which they must have offered him for a pittance. Because in case Malik Riaz actually has the proofs and in the best interest of whoever he is doing it for, goes for the kill and gets Dr Arsalan convicted, the media would neither go against the establishment where all the money lies nor will keep the neutral stance they are at the moment. They will drop the CJ like a hot potato. While they are giving some leeway to him by propagating that a father cannot be responsible for the sins of his son, it can soon turn into a case of CJ bashing.

The bard once said, “The evil that men do lives after them; the good is oft interred with their bones.” It is unlikely that we shall have a do-gooder as a CJ in the near future.
In the end, a lesson for the Ghairat Brigade. A person once asked Gen Hamid Gul, when he was DMI, as to why Gen Zia talked so much about Islam and yet had generals about him who were gallivanting around and seen in all the notorious places and being beaten up too on occasion. The answer was a classical one from a worldly wise man, “What should he do? Antagonise everybody.” Methinks the CJ was trying to do the impossible.


  1. The PML(N), with the exception of Ch Nisar, IK and some more notables haave sealed their lips, which is intriguing keeping their past behaviour on other scandles in view. R they dunb struck under shock or something else is keeping them quiet?

  2. Chaudhry Nisar is the only politician who is speaking up and taking on the syndicate set up by Malik Riaz.

    • I think Ch. Nisar hasn't done anything for the poor as compared to Malik Riaz –
      What do you say to that?

  3. The PT online is all messed by since the last few days. All the paragraphs have been removed creating one lump that becomes unitelligible at places. For the admirers of this writer, I request they buy today's newspaper instead of going thru this torture.

  4. Nice thought provoking column. But, we must never lose hope. Batil has to end and somebody has to take a stand. So far CJ is doing it with admirable excellence. Not giving in to Mush. Not giving in to attempts by PPP to appoint Dogar, and in several other cases. By taking the Suo Motu case, he has earned credibility. And he has said that if Arsalan is found guilty, he will not be spared

  5. I think Zardari and kyani both stand to gain by this scandal, and most probably they are behind all this. " Insan reh sakai koye aisa jahan be hai Is fitna saz mulk ka koye passban be hai". Saeed Ahsan

    • What was the reference sent by Mushrraf against CJ for the consideration of supreme judicial council…….it was all about his son..who was being catapulted unduly……all was ignored by the then politicians who (PML N and others) because their sails needed wind(Movement to resrore CJ) to once again join the political arena(being out of it for a decade)._We are in a big mess and I hope it gets worst possible soon so that we start regaining our composure and start setting things better……….

    • Usually articles never give proofs still we made hue & cry against mr.10% & mr.30% & soon & so forth …..why ?? politician hai bhahi jitna zalil kerna hai ker loo!!

  6. No one stands to gain out of this scandal except the country of 180 million people called, Pakistan. Thank Allah Almighty for this. We should be very happy that Malik Riaz was unknowingly plotting his own kill at the behest of his PPP masters & scoundrels for the last couple of years. He has done it. Great show. He was also looking great & impressive at his first press conference holding the Quran and swearing unwittingly that will Insha-Allah not only lead him to disgrace in this temporal world but in the hereafter as well for siding with the most dishonest and treacherous political party Pakistan has been ruled by since partition. Najam Sethi the grand self styled, intellectually barren & unpatroitic journalist will also get exposed in the process.

  7. Yes, Ali, you said it all and indeed cleverly. Nature always come around to supress the juglar vein of miscreants, no matter how many pockets they fill, how many of the elites they put in their pocket, how crookedly they manoeure, a

    And how shamelessly they play around.

    No doubt, ARsalan case has deeply fissured the society–the judiciary(riaz claiming seven judges in his pocket), the media, the generals etc.

  8. I think some top Thug wanted to kill two birds with one shot,but the barrel pointed at the judge misfired,but the one pointed at Bahria did not miss.

  9. Army restored CJ ……… Kayani has nothing to do with it …….. This article more of virtua story !

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