Drum roll. All rise. Call to witness.
Real estate tycoon Malik Riaz Hussain arrived in Islamabad on Monday night, all pepped up to stand before the Supreme Court in person and lay before it the “explosive” evidence regarding the monetary incentives and payments meted out to Dr Arsalan Iftikhar, son of Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry, in anticipation of getting cases pending against him with the SC settled in his favor.
In what is being called the mother of all conspiracies, Malik Riaz – reported to have the right friends in the right places, the most notable being President Asif Ali Zardari – allegedly paid between Rs 300 million and Rs 400 million to the CJP’s son to get pending cases decided in his favor.
Though Justice Chaudhry’s son has categorically denied having ever met or knowing Riaz, some noted TV anchors have told the apex court that they had been shown documentary proof of the payments made to Arsalan by the property tycoon. As the two-member SC bench of Justice Jawwad S Khawaja and Justice Khilji Arif Hussain resumed hearing in the suo motu notice of the graft charges against Arsalan on Monday, it rejected an application
filed by the CJP’s son that requested the court to order the registration of an FIR [First Information Report] against Malik Riaz for running a slander campaign against him in the media.
Arsalan said that he was ready to go to jail if the court decided to send him and Malik Riaz to prison and put both their names on the ECL [Exit Control List]. The CJP’s son also demanded the court provide him security, which the bench allowed, asking the attorney general to talk to the interior secretary in this regard.
Arsalan had also said in his plea that Malik Riaz had videos of his family’s stay in London and he be barred from releasing such material on the social media, and be directed to present them in the SC.
In its directives, the court issued third notice to Ali Muhammad Riaz, chief executive of Bahria Town and son of Malik Riaz, to appear before the court in person.
The bench also rejected a request by Zahid Hussain Bukhari, counsel for Malik Riaz, for grant of two days’ time to submit a concise statement, directing him to file the reply by Tuesday (today).
It directed the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) to trace all tax statements and returns of Bahria Town and submit it with the court.
Responding to Arsalan’s claims, Malik Riaz’s counsel said his client had not talked to any TV channel about possessing photographs of Arsalan’s mother and sister.
He assured the court that his client would not do anything which could bring disrespect to the chief justice or his family.
Rejecting Bukhari’s appeal for time, Justice Khawaja said the proceedings would not be conducted per his client’s wishes, adding that it was unacceptable to him that the concise statement had not been filed so far. “We have to proceed in the matter realizing gravity of the situation,” he maintained.
The judge said the bench would not let the issue drag unnecessarily and “provide grist to the mills”, as the issue was being widely debated across the country due to its significance.
Justice Khwaja also warned Bukhari that the court would “consider measures if Malik Riaz did not appear tomorrow”.
Earlier, the Special Branch threw an exclusive security blanket around Malik Riaz as soon as he landed in Karachi onboard his private jet, barring him from meeting or talking to anyone. Riaz’s aircraft later left for Islamabad after refueling.
Upon reaching the Islamabad airport, the central character of the “familygate” scandal refused to answer reporters’ queries on the “explosive” evidence he is likely to present in court. “The SC has barred me from commenting in this regard. Whatever statement I have to make will be in the courtroom,” he said before being escorted out of the airport.


  1. Iftikhar has been condemning everybody with harshest remarks taking cover of sitting in Court without taking into consideration anybody's respect. He and his family's true picture must be shown on all forums. Let the people of Pakistan know the real face of the man who has been sermonising everybody.

  2. Iftikhar has been condemning everybody with harshest remarks taking cover of sitting in Court without taking into consideration anybody's respect. He and his family's true picture must be shown on all forums. Let the people of Pakistan know the real face of the man who has been sermonising everybody.

  3. hey Jiala Malik sahib, how about showing the "Already evident" true picture of Bilawal having those parties in London at Pakistani tax payer expense!

    • Hey, go and find proofs whether those parties were held on tax payers expenditures. We will welcome results of your efforts. I am not supporting anybody.

  4. Triple H (his holiness Highness CJ) has nothing to do with the BMWs that is parked in his driveway.

  5. Riaz (a private citizen) paid some money to Arsalan (also a private citizen) to gain concessions from the SC for Bahria Town (a private entity) because Arsalan's father is the CJ. The Chief Justice did not accord any favors to Riaz. Bahria Town got scammed for some money that they invested in Arsalan in the hopes of some favors from Supreme Court. Since Arsalan couldn't deliver, he should return the money. End of story. No harm done. Amin Fahim returned the money, some of it anyway, from the RPP bribes so why can't Arsalan do the same and end this whole saga? Khoosa and Babar Awan took the money for doing the same thing and nothing happened to them. There are countless examples of these kind of transactions. Whats the big deal about this one? Could it be that there are some hidden motives by certain people to try to dig up dirt on the CJ?

  6. This was strictly a business transaction between two private businessmen which did not involve tax payers money or any govt. department. Amin Fahim returned the bribe money from the RPP. Khoosa and Babar Awan did the exact same thing and one of them became the Governor. Whats the big deal if Arsalan insinuated that he could use his family ties to gain favors for a private entity (Bahria Town)? Riaz never got desired results anyway so why can't Arsalan just return the money (if proven) and put this behind him? There was no harm done to anybody.

  7. A business deal gone bad. Thats all it is. If Arsalan really did take the money, he should just return it just like Amin Fahim did from RPP bribes. Khoosa and Babar Awan did the exact same thing that Arsalan is accused of doing and nothing happened to them. They couldn't produce the results they promised either. Did they return the money? NO. One became the governor. I'm not saying that Arsalan should be made a governor also but I'm just saying that these things do happen in business. Let it go.

  8. I would say that the 'phoney war' between the Judiciary and Executive is about to get very real.

    Is this the CJP's Ardenne moment? Are the PPP panzars about to out flank him with an attack from the most unlikely source of all, the murky depths of his son's business affairs?

  9. Let it go. Its a private matter between two businessmen and does not involve govt. in any way. It is no different than what Khosa or Babar Awan did. They couldn't get the desired results and neither could Arsalan. Amin Fahim also took money for RPP but returned part of it. Let Arsalan return part of the money as well and close this chapter.

  10. If Riaz got duped by Arsalan then whats the big deal? Pakistan is getting duped by this govt. everyday and yet people have learned to live with it. Riaz will too. Let him chalk it up as experience.

  11. Unlike corruption scandals by the ppp leaders, this one does not involve any govt. agency.

  12. Malik Riaz teray jaan nisar, beshumaar beshumaar. Iss kaanay CJ kee harkaton ka humain bohat dair say pata tha. lagta hai kaanay CJ kee bhee baari aa gaiee hai. Bohat badtameez aadmi hai jo samajhta hai keh woh khuda hai.

  13. Malik Riaz, Uthao Awaaz. Kaanay CJ ko day day zakham, bhaijo iss ko maahir-e-amraaz-e-chasham

  14. All the scoundrels and thugs of Pakistan haver got together to malign the Supreme Court which is the only hope for people of Pakistan. The thugs live in Dubai, their children in Uk and all there assets are out of Pakistan. They want to fleece people but Inshallah they will never succeed.

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