Poultry meat production


The Pakistan Economic Survey of 2011-2012 has revealed interesting changes in meat production patterns of Pakistan compared to 2010-2011. It shows an increase of one percent for poultry meat at 25.8 percent of total meat produced which has replaced red meat of beef and mutton that stands at 74.2 per cent of total meat produced with a break up of 54.7 percent for beef and 19.5 percent for mutton. This shows that poultry production as also its consumption is inching forward to steadily replace the red meat produced in Pakistan.
This is due to rising prices of red meat as compared to poultry meat due to lack of mass production in beef and mutton producing animals as had happened in case of poultry meat that is swaying its production steadily over the red meat. In case poultry production which grew at the rate of 7 percent during 2011-2012 had not happened red meat prices would have shot through the roof to make it even more difficult for the consumers. It appears the nation is slowly but surely leaning towards higher poultry meat consumption thanks to broiler industry.