Pakistan lacks good talent for different teams: Jalaluddin


Former Pakistan fast bowler and nation’s leading coach Jalaluddin has said the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) is blindly aping other nations by trying to build three different teams, and added that Pakistan doesn’t have enough talent to do so.
Jalaluddin, who is the first ever bowler to take a hat trick in the one-day format, said old players making a comeback in the team should do on merit, and this concept doesn’t suit Pakistan cricket.
“With regards to the formation of 3 teams, I would say that we are blindly trying to copy other nations. We don’t have good enough players to make separate teams for 3 formats. We seemed to have picked all these players to make three teams to make everyone happy and hope that they perform on the international stage,” Jalaluddin said in an interview with
“There are currently 3-4 players in this team who we are just taking as a formality and the selectors will drop again. This means that players are simply being chosen to keep people happy, when really the only thing that should matter is choosing the best team for Pakistan,” he added.
“If we have plenty of players to choose from then its fine, but we simply do not have the talent to make three different teams just because other countries are doing so. I feel this concept of different teams does not suite Pakistan and I completely disagree with it,” he said.