No compromise


This is with reference to news on Panetta’s recent interview to FOX TV that US was at war with Pakistan in FATA. This statement has come in at a time when Pakistan is faced with extraordinarily challenges and tough predicaments. Political instability, economic woes, government-judiciary row, mutual games of mudslinging and point scoring, poverty, inflation, corruption, war on terrorism, rising crime rate, upward trend in target killings, fuel prices, protests by commuters, agitation against power shortages, strikes, deteriorating moral values, rapid increase in kidnappings and rape of minor girls, ineffective criminal justice, ethnic divide, shortage of food and water and conflicting interests of views between PPP and PML(N) are some of the factors which draw similarities between Pakistan and protest ridden countries in Middle East.
In all probabilities CIA’s hand cannot be overruled. Such elements will never succeed in their design to destabilise Pakistan as conditions in Pakistan are not similar to Middle East countries where autocratic rule is being challenged. System in Pakistan, good or bad, is what people want. US unfortunately has also joined hands to ensure that Pakistan does not get respite to homegrown problems as it thinks that building pressure at this critical juncture shall force Pakistan to surrender.
The US is trying its best to malign Pakistan with Haqqani group on the plea that they are operating from Pakistan whereas they are fighting war against occupied forces in Afghanistan. Since the border between Pakistan and Afghanistan is not very secure so when there is a pressure on them they cross over here in FATA. Haqqanis have never targeted Pakistani soldiers, so why Pakistan should act against them. The US is perturbed over the closure of NATO supply route since Nov 2011. Foreign office’s stand is very clear that it would neither allow its territory to be used against any country nor it would allow safe heavens on its territory. Pakistan under no circumstances shall chase Haqqanis inside Pakistan as they are not creating any problems. The US must understand waging war against peaceful Haqqanis would be inviting more radicalism and war inside Pakistan.
Pakistan has paid high price in the war on terrorism. The nation as a whole has suffered severely, sacrificing precious lives, property and suffering from psychological traumas. Pakistan is still facing storms of suicide bombs, drone attacks while kidnapping by terrorists continue inflicting deadly losses both against human life and property. Pakistan wants to help Afghanistan to resolve the present conflict and facilitate the US in peaceful withdrawal but not under threats. More threats to Pakistan by Panetta or somebody else shall not deter Pakistan to move away from righteous path but would certainly add to more problems for the US. So let us talk and move forward without compromising on respective stands.


  1. “…with extraordinarily challenges and tough predicaments.” Extraordinarily? It should be ‘extraordinary’, there. This is just one error that I’ve pointed out. Your article is full of grammatical mistakes, as well. You can do well by sorting out your english and grammar, first, Mr Mukhtar.

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