Jalal Son’s butcher slits employee’s throat


Jalal Sons, a popular supermarket in the Gulberg area of Lahore, witnessed a gruesome murder on Tuesday.
According to initial reports, a butcher working at the Jalal Son’s meat section, slit the throat of another employee.
A tweet, issued at 5:59 pm on Tuesday, referred to the incident, saying a friend of the Twitter account holder witnessed the murder.
“Lhry friend on fb sharing 1st person account of Jalal Sons’ meat section butcher slitting another employees’ throat mid-business time!” Khizra, a creative director at Sharmeen Obaid Films tweeted.
Sources at Jalal Son’s have yet to confirm the incident, although eyewitnesses said the store was closed sometime during the day and that the premises was surrounded by police officials.


  1. i was there at that time! It was actually their sweeper who did it to the butcher. Unreal scenes.

    • Please give me your contact number for further details. note my number: 03004126735. Please Please Please, Please send men on my e-mail the file or link, if any body have the live vedio of the murder incident in Jilal Departmental Store Lahore on Tuesday.
      [email protected], naseer_ahmed67hotmail.com, [email protected]

    • any body have vedio of the jilal departmental store incident please farward it to Naseer Sahib, his nephew was murdered in this incident.
      Thanks for all

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