Memo Commission has exposed the truth: Mansoor


Pakistani-American businessman Mansoor Ijaz, whose claims stirred the memogate controversy, on Tuesday said the Supreme Court’s unveiling of the judicial commission’s report had brought forth the “truth he had been speaking from the day the case started”.
Talking to reporters about the Memo Commission’s report, he said, “Speaking the truth was a moral compulsion for me – it brought harm to my family, my business interests and my political relationships. But the value of the truth I spoke outweighed all of these considerations.”
Ijaz, a US citizen, termed former ambassador Husain Haqqani a traitor of Pakistan, saying that he was lying to nation from the very first day. He said respect for Pakistani courts would increase in the world after exposing the memogate issue.


  1. Shouldn't the govt. of Pakistan put a bounty on Haqqani's head? Not that it would matter because a lot of people would do it for free.

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