There might be devil in the details


Real Estate tycoon Malik Riaz, one of the main characters in the Arsalan Iftikhar case, will appear in Supreme Court tomorrow (Tuesday) to personally present evidence to the two-member bench and then share it with the media to establish his case that the CJ’s son pocketed large sums of money in exchange for helping settling Riaz’s cases pending with the apex court.
Malik Riaz has purportedly boarded a Dubai-bound flight of Emirates Airlines and will arrive in Pakistan from Dubai on Tuesday in his private jet. Riaz told sources that he would distribute “documentary evidence” among senior journalists once he reached Pakistan, claiming the documents would be nothing less than a “bomb”.
A source told Pakistan Today that although Malik Riaz, who had gone to London for medical checkup, had shown the evidence to some senior TV anchorpersons; he had not provided them with the copies. These anchors and journalists vociferously touted in their talk shows that they had seen


      • Reckless, there is not a thing wrong with people making a lot of money and jetsetting around the world. However, if this wealth is accomulated by illegal, immoral and corrupt means then there is a problem. In a level playing field, everyone would have an equal chance to win. The best would rise above the rest because of their talent, skill, education or knowledge. As far as honesty goes, I know a lot of people who have worked hard and made progress. They had the oppurtunity to make a lot by illegal means but the didn't. Some are my cousins in Foreign Service and Customs. I guess family values and upbringing has a lot to do with it.

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    But his case is self-incriminating. He attempted to corrupt high government official through the use of money (unless he performed under extreme threat or violence) …

    Is he a nut? I don't get it …

  2. Malik Riaz is a very vindictive person. Since CJ had his son booked for murder (during a car race in Bahria) Malik Riaz has held a vendetta against the CJ.

    He is so filled with hatred that he wanted to bring this evidence out the day the CJ was supposed to receive an honor in UK.

    With the prez, PM and army generals in his pocket, Malik Riaz thinks he is god and he seeks to destroy anyone who does not play along. His vindictiveness is evinced by the fact that he has stated that he'll spend billions to make sure Ch Nisar loses the next election. Ch Nisar is another rebel who has refused to play along with Malik Riaz.

    • Every story has two sides. The other side of the story may be that Malik Riaz was being blackmailed to extort money from him by the holy father. Car race accidents happen around the world but for the first time the highest court took the matter in its hand and booked the organizer under 302. Not even a corrupt SHO will make such decision. Pinnacle of abuse of power.

  3. Rise of sons of Judges and sons-in-law of General is normal in Pakistan. They have every right to be millionairs rather they should allowed to be billionairs as they 'more equal'. In Pakistan all are equal but some aremore equal.

  4. why not focus on the real villain .riaz malik as told in one tv programme has a office in president house and president known for his political manipulation is a easy guess.but no tv anchor agent of pppz,mqm,anp,ml-c would even remotely mention since it is their interest.all these tv channels,geo,dunya,express,cnbc,samaa,ARY,newsone ,din ,aplus, etc are enemies of poor and their tv anchors,newscasters.these channels mqm mouthpieces especially ARY must be immediately banned and so others

  5. He will share the information with the media after appearing before the court. His lawyer must be an idiot. Court of law and court of public opinion are two things and weaken the legal case when media picks up the tag.

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