HDUs equipped with modern apparatus at LGH


The high dependency units have been equipped with modern apparatus, serving through the website and SMS service for maximum public awareness to sensitize against viral diseases including dengue.  This was disclosed by Prof Dr Tariq Salah-ud-Din while presiding over a meeting of administration at LGH here on Sunday, which was attended by Prof Dr Jawad Zaheer, Prof. Ghayas un Nabi Tayyab, and others. All the department heads briefed the principal about the precautionary mesures and performance of SMS service.  Dr Tariq Salah-ud-Din said that those who were associated with health sector have to play a special role to eradicate the disease. He said that after doctors and nurses, now each and every person who was working in hospital, including paramedics was being trained to deal with dengue patients. He urgd the doctors to inform the patients about preventive measures against viral diseases and importance of hygienic environment while giving them treatment of general diseases.