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Dollar hits Rs 96

Rupee continues to slip in the market against dollar owing to crippling economy as dollar hits 96 rupees today in open market, according to local TV channels.
The domestic demand for dollar is increasing as investors and buyers in a bid to settle foreign bills and pay foreign loans demand more dollars in the market which puts more pressure on already weakening rupee in the international market.

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  1. Abid said:

    This is the gift of PPP, MQM to Pakistani people.

    How can we stand by while our country is destroyed, not by Taliban, not by the US, not even by the jews but our own democratic leaders.

    We will not rest till Zardari, Gilani & their families are all hanged today. They will pay on earth & in the hereafter.

  2. Ravian said:

    Never heard a word from PM (?) about economy, law and order or rising prices except silly, irresponsible statements like offering his son's case to be heard by CJ. What a great lot of leaders we have!

  3. MunirAkram said:

    After CJs resignation everything will become normal in Pakistan including economy. He was interfering in domain of the govt and had become a source of unstability sending wrong signals to international markets. Now, if he resigns, everything will become normal.

    • Grazar said:

      And when you die, the world peace will be achieved. Please die, horribly!

      • Iftikhar said:

        You are grazer and keep on grazing. Like all grazing species you do not have a developed brain to understand human matters.

  4. pakAwam said:

    Worse is yet to come, if the 'dual citizens' get demonized. Remember, the rupee is supported by the 'dual citizens' (like me) sending $$ home! Oh btw, question for the PTI nirales, how is PTI going to function if the 'dual citizens' are disbarred from pakistani politics/government?

  5. Multani Ahad said:

    As long as AZ keeps on printing Pak currency and simultaneously flight of dollars goes on unchecked, the rupee will keep on sliding.

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