Basra terms Punjab budget a farce


PPP Deputy Parliamentary Party leader in the Punjab Assembly Shoukat Mehmud Basra while rejecting the Punjab budget dubbed it as farce and a bid to hoodwink masses.
Talking to APP on Sunday, he said, budget did not provide relief to the poverty-stricken people while 20 % raise in salaries of government employees was a peanut in the sky rocketing price hike. “The provincial budget has totally ignored commonman,” he said and demanded the provision of subsidy on consumer goods. “Had the Punjab government allocated Rs 10 billion every year, the province will not have been experiencing worst energy crisis today,” Basra said. He said, Shahbaz Sahrif led Punjab government had been deceiving poor people by making false promises for the last four years while the people of the province had great expectations from the government in its budget.
PPP doing politics for
people, country: Faiza: Pakistan People’s Party Women Wing Lahore President Faiza Malik has said the PPP is doing politics for the country and the people.
Talking to the PPP women workers at her office here on Sunday, she said Nawaz Sharif was conspiring against an elected government. She said it was decided in the Charter of Democracy (CoD) that no party would try to drail the process of democracy, but the PML-N was conspiring against the PPP-led government. She said that the opposition would not succeed in its designs and the government will complete its tenure, which would strengthen institutions and democracy.