2 stabbed to death in busy Japan street: report


A man killed two people in a frenzied stabbing attack in the Japanese city of Osaka in broad daylight Sunday, a report said, in a country where violent crime is rare. Police arrested Kyozo Isohi, 36, over the stabbings in the busy Higashi Shinsaibashi shopping district, Jiji Press said, adding he told officers he did not know the victims. The suspect first attacked a 42-year-old man, then a 60-year-old woman before turning back to the male victim, the report said. Both were stabbed several times. In 2008, a man killed seven people in an attack in Tokyo, running over three with a truck and stabbing four to death. In December 2010, an unemployed man armed with a kitchen knife went on a rampage near the capital on two packed buses leaving 14 people wounded, mostly teenage schoolchildren, before passengers overpowered him.