Four members of Mehsud tribea gunned down


At least four people were killed and two others injured when armed men of a tribal group opened fire at their rivals of the same tribe over old enmity here late Friday night. According to police, armed men of Mehsud tribe ambushed six members of their rival group hailing from South Waziristan Agency (SWA) while they were passing through Afghan bus terminal adjacent to Super Highway near Al-Asif Square in an auto rickshaw and fled from the scene.
As a result of firing four Mehsuds, residents of Macchar Colony of Sohrab Goth were killed on the spot while two others sustained wounds.
The bodies and injured were shifted to Jinnah Hospital for medico legal requirement. Identity of the deceased was confirmed as Khair Alam Mahsud, 25, Muhammad Alam Mahsud, 35, Sher Alam Mahsud, 22, and Arshad Mahsud, 40. The deceased Arshad was also office bearer of regional organization named as Insaf Aman Committee.
Sources claimed that the victims and attackers were engaged in narco business and the shooting incident was outcome of same dispute.