Our tragedy does not end here


If we look at the next generation which will succeed the rule of this country we see that tragedy does not end with the change in faces. In fact, if anything the tragedy increases manifold. Moonis Elahi succeeding Chaudarys of Gujrat is a questionable figure. Hamza Shahbaz has multiple scandals behind him, including some with documents too. Maryam Nawaz needs a lot of training and education to be in public. Musa Raza and Qadir Raza of South Punjab are scandalous.
Arsalan’s fate is yet to be decided. All these characters are corrupt financially and morally. They have tons of money from their fathers but they don’t have a vision beyond their noses. They have no vision no understanding of national or international issues. They are born with golden spoon in their mouths as the dictum says. Making money, fraud, deception and illegitimate works is all they have learnt from their fathers.
What do they know of Pakistan or the ideology of Pakistan? They have been educated abroad, if at all they are educated. Thus the future of Pakistan is bleaker than what we see now. Most of them have already got seats in assemblies of Pakistan and they do not more than the spellings of the country. Unfortunately, the so-called democratic state of Pakistan has become a kingdom where only royals can live and thrive. By the way, being a student of history I could not imagine this kind of divine right rule in England or France when I used to read of the then England or France. Now I am witnessing it happen in reality in Pakistan.