NAB restarts enquiry into Rs62b DHA scam


National Accountability Bureau (NAB) Chairman Admiral (r) Fasih Bokhari on Friday authorised an enquiry into the Rs 62 billion DHA land scam which was earlier recommended for no further action.
The complaint against the DHA management and others included allegations of illegal adjustment of 17,000 kanals of land meant for the proposed Dadhocha Dam, illegal resale of DHA Phase II (Extension) site to DHA Valley and illegal extension of DHA Phase II (Extension).
The NAB chairman directed the Operations director general to immediately initiate a transparent enquiry into the scam so that the sufferings of the public at large could be addressed.
He also directed NAB Rawalpindi DG to conduct a departmental enquiry so that it could be ascertained how and why no further action was recommended for the said complaint. The NAB chairman seemingly has initiated action in this regard after a media report on Friday claimed that the scam is linked to Bahria Town’s Malik Riaz. A former military officer Tariq Kamal has accused Riaz and the Defence Housing Authority of depriving about 150,000 people of their residential plots.
According to Col Tariq, “DHA Islamabad has been receiving money in the name of allotment of plots in DHA Phase I Extension, DHA Phase II Extension and DHA Valley since 2009.” The schemes were launched that year by the Defence Housing Authority.
“DHA-I and DHA-II are developed housing societies, but DHA Valley is yet to be developed,” Col Tariq told the newspaper. However, he said, people who had paid money to get the plots found that they were fooled because they were deliberately kept in dark by the DHA management about the agreement between DHA-I and Bahria Town over land development.
Col Tariq said that in 2009 the DHA had “transferred all the funds raised from the public, which were Rs 62 billion, to the accounts of Bahria Town”.
The retired colonel has worked for the DHA as director for urban planning. Col Tariq said: “Those who got cheated include 110,000 civilians, 41,000 serving and retired military officers, jawans and families of martyrs. Total land in question is 165,000 kanals.” These figures related only to DHA Valley project.
According to the charges, Malik Riaz started development activity on 10,000 kanals designated for DHA Valley in 2009. Once this process began, the DHA bosses transferred Rs 62 billion into the account of Malik Riaz without any guarantee and “against the advice of DHAI legal advisers Ahmer Bilal Soofi & Co.” The amount was earned by the sale of all the planned plots in the valley.
Col Tariq said: “Those DHAI employees who objected to the illegal steps were sacked immediately.” He alleged that the development of the valley stopped shortly afterwards and that Riaz used the money elsewhere for his personal benefits. Because of the agreements, DHAI is unable to take any decision or action on the matter.


  1. This is a shocking story. How DHAI is looting people is unimaginable. I think all the affectes of DHAI must joined hands together and raised their voice collectively against the injustices committed by the managment of DHAI

    • I heard that some social networking site "Stand-up for your Right" has been formed. Do you have any idea about this? I am also a victim of this plot scam 🙁

  2. the effectes must file a petition in SC to raised this issue on a proper forum.

  3. This is what this sacred cow has been doing with Pakistan since 1947. Its serving or ex people have never developed a sing great defence strategy for Pakistan except to develop the land. In fact we pay taxes to train land developers. Shame on us

  4. Shameful act of DHAI.
    People trusted and DHAI deceived.
    I request Supreme Court and NAB to fix the persons responsible and hang them to satisfy the affectees.

  5. This is hopefull for alloties that after four years some action is taken by the NAB .

  6. No positive outcome is expected as NAB chief used for work for Riaz Ganja Thakadar ..

  7. i buy two plots for my two lovely children a boy and a girl.i dreamed about there future.but i am so heart .i don t know what will i tell them about my country when they will grew up.GOD FORGIVE THEM.

  8. Very bad image by DHAI management .This is shocking for all victims but please all victims share their contacts and e mail address for hanging the DHAI management at the time of move against them and make a strong force against their fraud.
    M ashraf Rana 03222101381 e mail [email protected]

  9. I am also a victim of this fraud scheme ,but dha should be answeablefor this because we trust dha .we dont have direct concern with malik Rayaz.

  10. wat hell is this!!!m also victim of it 🙁

    dha should develop the remaining sectors soon”’ rupees of all our victims are devaluing . they should give the answer and media should address this case at every platform! !! hope v will get some positive rezult

  11. For how long this cheating and back stabbing will contiue .All those who are knowingly or unknowingly involved are answereable to ALMIGHTY ALLAH SWT . Sucking the blood and eating the flesh of innocent people who paid installments out of their hard earned meagre income will never let such evil culprits to rest in peace in thisworld and hereafter . Its time to think for time never favours Zalmeen

  12. I am fighting for the rights for the last three years but without results. Now with the change there is some hope but you all have to move.

  13. who robe the poor people in the name of dha valley a army project In Sha Allah will be in jahanam…

  14. please we should stand together for our there any society currently working for this .please inform me.


  15. any group fighty against dha valley administration legaly.please inform .want to be the member.

  16. i am also the victim of this project i have purchased 4 plots for future planning but i still can't understand what is to be going on with all the peoples who have purchased the plots with their heard earning and where is the government where is sc and nab who will satisfy the peoples who have paid the amount and still waiting for theirs plots allah tabah karay in zalmo ko jo logo kal maal baydardi say loot rahay hain

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