In the name of art


One is saddened to hear that the USAID has issued notification for suspension of aid to Rafi Pir Theatre’s project ‘Sim Sim Hamara’ over severe financial irregularities.
The programme was meant to educate children through entertaining puppet shows broadcast through TV, radio and outreach programmes over a period of four years. Children of the country will now be deprived of quality entertainment just because of avarice and lust of a handful of few who continue to wreak havoc with feature of teaming millions in the name of ‘art’.


  1. SHAME ON YOU KHUBAIB USMANI! You are but a sheep in a herd, going with the flow and not thinking for yourself. Take a second and think about this, sir. The copany, according to its press conference, has gone through 9 USAID commissioned audits over the two yers that PCTV has been functional. In all honesty, i think it would be impossible for them to steal money from USAID even if they wanted to. You sir, are ignorant. This family has given so much to this country, putting on beautiful festivals at the Alhamra cultural center. These festivals were once the hub of all performing arts in the country. CNN even called it the largest performing arts festival in South Asia at one point.

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