Asma turns down offer to represent Malik Riaz in Arsalan Iftikhar case


Former Supreme Court Bar Association (SCBA) president Asma Jahangir has rejected Bahria Town owner Malik Riaz’s request to plead his case against Dr Arsalan Iftikhar, son of Chief Justice Iftikhar Mohammad Chaudhry. Talking to a private TV channel on Saturday, Asma said she turned down the offer to represent Malik Riaz in view of her long association and respect for the Supreme Court. According to reliable sources, Malik Riaz telephoned Asma from London and sought her legal assistance in the Dr Arsalan Iftikhar case.


  1. Malik riaz should be charged with bribery and the son of CJ for accepting them.Both should be locked up.

  2. Where are those commentators who used to put up numerous comments here on alleged corruption of Zardari/Gilani and always demanded resignation from them. Now they seem to have disappeared from this newspaper. Come on guys and show the courage to demand resignation from CJ as well. Read the above column and demand resignation from CJ. How come a CJ without his house did not know at all about lavish life style of his son? Did he never see his son? Come on guys where r u gone?

    • hey Jiala buddy! u r here too?? Why havent u left Pakistan as per ur premier's instructions in a recet interview to CNN….."Who is stopping you, Why dunno you leave" !!

      • this is basically the mentality of Pakistanis they always abused people on their opinions and claiming that u r pro-ppp or PML-N……this is not an academic debate gentlemen………need to focus on the policies rather than personalities…..

  3. Mr. Munir you look like another of idiotic ppp supporter, Don't you see a difference in action??? When the media reports start circulating, CJ took suo moto action and said, his son could be charged if found guilty. He didn't try to defend his son like Gillani, Zardari, Sharifs or other blood-sucking parasites or so called politicians of Pakistan.

    Gilani and Zardari, they always claim innocence while whole world knows the billions and billions Rs. corruption.

    Don't get emotional, think about Pakistan, not any political party. If somebody is wrong, just mark him wrong doesn't matter which party he belongs to.

    • Hey Sana! I guess u are the latest Jiala breed propping out of those art colleges mushrooming around Lahore these days!! Sister, better keep ur pseudo-liberal Jiala theories to urself! No one buys this crap from 70s & 80s in Pakistan any more! CJ is the hope for rule-of-law in Pakistan !! We need rule of law not rule-of-larkana cum Bhutto over here!!

  4. Is that so?By the way it would be very interesting to learn more about Zahid Bokhari.Why is he so popular with all shady characters is the question that comes to mind.Haqqani and now Malik Riaz,both absconders from law.

  5. no one is questioning may be Malik was not able to offer Asma a "fee" equal to what she already has in her pockets stuffed with all that buck that she receives from EU & US in the name of pseudo-fighting for "Humans-of-her-choice Rights" in Pakistan, under the table!!

  6. Why does the comments become personal rather than sticking on the issue?

    @Mohammed: 'not guilty' until proven beyond doubt …

    That said, Malik Riaz may have already implicated himself on 'attempting to corrupt high government official' (if we believe the media coverage). In the same token, 'not knowing' is won't be a valid defense in part of IC or his son (again, if we believe what is said on the media) …

    Let us wait and see what unfolds instead of giving in into the media blitz …

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