Never met Malik Riaz… I swear!


Dr Arsalan Iftikhar, son of chief justice Iftikhar Mohammad Chaudhry, on Saturday submitted his statement with the apex court challenging graft charges leveled against him. The SC took a suo motu notice on Tuesday into allegations that Arsalan had been provided Rs 300 to Rs 400 million by property tycoon Malik Riaz. In his five-page-long written statement, Arsalan denied having any association with Riaz, his daughter or son-in-law. “It is denied vehemently and in strongest terms any relationship, intimacy or acquaintance of whatsoever nature with Malik Riaz Hussain, his daughter or son-in-law whose names are also not known to me. I have never met with anyone of them in relation to any business concerned or for any other purpose in Pakistan or outside Pakistan,” the statement said. Calling the allegations baseless, frivolous and unfounded, arranged to spread in electronic and print media in absence of any cogent and logical evidence acceptable under the law of evidence, Arsalan said Malik Riaz was liable to be dealt with strictly in accordance with law and he should be awarded adequate punishment for dragging him to court and maligning the august institution of judiciary.
Arsalan also termed the statements of TV anchors brought on court record as “nothing but hearsay”, stating that the same were allegedly based on the statement of Malik Riaz Hussain.
He also challenged the claims of Kamran Khan, Shaheen Sehbai and Hamid Mir and stated that their claims of showing material to them by Malik Riaz “suffer from serious contradictions”.
Arsalan also made an effort to distance his conduct from his father, the top judge of the country, saying he was a 32-year-old man and he earned his bread and butter through his own business.
He also asked Malik Riaz to establish the allegations along with explanations and what he wanted to achieve (by making allegations).
Arsalan stated that in the year 2009, he traveled on his own expenses, with his family to London and hired a flat, details of which were available with him.
“Similarly for the year 2010 and 2011, same practice was adopted and an amount of Rs 4,500,000 was deposited through (cheque No 1287353 of Standard Chartered Bank, Lahore) on August 15 2011 by my cousin namely Muhammad Aamir Rana, into Zaid Rehman’s (account No 020502000003244 Meezan Bank, Gulberg Lahore),” he added.
Expressing ignorance about the money paid on his behalf, Arsalan said he did not know that from whose credit card the rent of the flat, which was around £3200 per week, was paid.
“Perhaps, I had stayed for four weeks, so the total rent, amounts to about £10,000. When I reached London, I had to sign occupancy agreement by submitting the copy of my passport, therefore the formalities per rules were completed, however, the rent had already been paid,” he asserted.
He prayed to the court that his reply may not be considered final and conclusive because Malik Riaz Hussain, despite categorical directions of the court, had failed to appear and produce any material against him. “Therefore, I reserve my right to put up my defence accordingly, when any incriminating evidence is produced before this honourable court,” he maintained.
Bench: Earlier, the Supreme Court dismissed a request filed on behalf of Malik Riaz for the formation of a larger bench to conduct the suo motu proceedings of graft allegations against Dr Arsalan.
Rejecting the plea, the court said the existing two-member bench of Justice Jawwad S Khawaja and Justice Khilji Arif Hussain will continue the proceedings of the case.


  1. Where are those commentators who used to put up numerous comments here on alleged corruption of Zardari/Gilani and always demanded resignation from them. Now they seem to have disappeared from this newspaper. Come on guys and show the courage to demand resignation from CJ as well. Read the above column and demand resignation from CJ. How come a CJ without his house did not know at all about lavish life style of his son? Did he never see his son? Come on guys where r u gone?

    • Zardari and Gillani are directly involved in Corruptions, while its the CJ's son not CJ himself…and now he already put his son in front of court for the justice, and clarified that if he will found guilty, must be punished…!!!
      You damn stupid, feel the difference in Right and Wrong

      • The case is before judges working directly under Iftikhar. Like all corrupt politicians, Iftikhar has no house and no car. What a joke???

      • @Omer, I never imagin you could be such a duffer as not to understand how come a CJ with no car, no house the royal life style of his son? Did his son never meet him during last 3 years? Unimagineable!!! And you stupid dud believe this fishy story CJ innocence. Why he involves Quran and Islam? All corrupt people do the same and do propagenda against Zardari. PMLN does the same just to give coverage to their own monstrous corruption in Punjab.

    • I think his son is grown up enough to NOT be constantly watched over by his father. What his SON does with his integrity is in no way the CJs fault. You're stupid for assuming that it is.

    • Dear Mr. Munir Akram, although it will have no effect anywhere but be bold (and honest) to demand the resignation of Zardari and Gilani who are directly involved in corruption before asking for the CJ's resignation.

      • Dear Ravian, There are 100 times stronger evidence against CJ's son than whatever exists against Zardari and cud not be proved in last 18 years, and he spent eleven yrs in jail for crimes which has never been proved, and one that proved and later cancelled becoz of audiotapes of conversations between judges and Saif-ur-Rehman. Guys, while you talk of others' corruption, be honest yourself.

      • I never imagin you could be such a duffer as not to understand how come a CJ with no car, no house the royal life style of his son? Did his son never meet him during last 3 years? Unimagineable!!! And you stupid dud believe this fishy story CJ innocence. Why he involves Quran and Islam? All corrupt people do the same and do propagenda against Zardari. PMLN does the same just to give coverage to their own monstrous corruption in Punjab.

    • Hey Jiala Munir, WHy dunno you just leave Pakistan!! As per a latest interview by your Jiala Prime minister, there is a clear instruction that you should get the h_ ll out of here so just move on you junk-of-the-80s !!

      • Hi sucker of Nawaz @aloneinlonelyplant Dont distort what Gilani said to a foreign correspondence, it is old rightist habit to distort statements. He said if Pakistan's circumstances were bad, people wud hv left Pakistan and he did not say like" they shud leave Pakistan" Propagenda wing of rightist forces distorted his statement.

        • Hey mister lefty! Can you all pseudo-jiala-leftists please stop all the babble! You lefty Jialas have ruined this country mate!! First, you daddy Bhutto was the one who introduced Friday holidy to make molvies happy , placed a ban on all clubs & bars in Pakistan (Period: All Jialas attacked the bars, looted all the liquor & had their one-night-stands.) and disturbed the social balance in Pakistani society, declared Ahmedies non-Muslim, tried to establish a failed Islamic bloc whereas South Korea, Japan & Singapore were developing greater alliances with Western world thus entering the path to growth and market reforms !! There is no doubt that a country i.e. Pakistan growing at 7% per year was put to doldrums by ur "prophet" daddy Bhutto by a lousy policy of state industrialization!! Since then, the zulms of Jialas on this poor country are countless! Corruption, indifference, nepotisim, feudalism and it goes on an on! I fail to understand how can you support a corrupt person such as NRO-fame Zardari who has made the nation to stand still where it was since 2008! Not an inch have we moved forward! You, the "baqiyat" of Bhutto should be socially banned altogether for all that wrath you have brought to the poor people of Pakistan in the form of inflation, load-shedding, corruption, unemployment & ill-governance! The Jialas are a wrath of God on the people of Pakistan no doubt!!

        • According to Jiala theory, as they say in Punjabi, "Kaan pher wi chitaa hey" (The is still white) !!

        • According to Jiala theory, as they say in Punjabi, "Kaan pher wi chitaa hey" (The crow is still white) !

    • Where is the person who has accused Arsalan? Why he is not presenting before the court? This is a lobby of few who are traitors to the country. Whether its Haqqani or Malik Riaz. Just consier this fact that Haqqani was accused for something and he is abroad for medication. Malik Riaz put allegations on Arsalan and he too is abroad for medication? I just ask why the hell they get ill when they are accused of something or when they accused someone of something? The Honourable CJP didn't change the investigation team. He didn't interrupt, instead he took a suo moto. We should be thankful that we have a CJP like Iftikhar Muhammad Choudhry not like Justice Doggar whose daughter was given extra marks and he didn't do anything but to let her daughter enjoy the leverage she got due to his father's presence in the apex court.

  2. Unlike PM(and sons) allegations no officers have been moved, no delaying tactics have been employed. So why should the CJ resign? Unlike your crooked PM,the CJ is world renowned for his honesty.
    These allegations will have there day in court and if the son is guilty he will be punished, and if the CJ has done anything wrong he will have to resign.

    • A full investigation of Arsalan right from his school days will prove how Iftikhar has been relentlessly patronising his son with undue favours. Iftikhar must resign and should be tried for making blatantly false statement while presiding over the bench with the Holy Qoran in front of him and open Court. There could be no bigger lie than to claim that he knew absolutely nothing about what his son is doing for a living. Shame on Iftikhar!!!

    • @Mohammad He so reluctantly left the bench, and after using religious statements as a cover up. Actually after Attorney General's statement that a reference will be sent if he does not leave the bench. See the difference. CJ is not world renowned. The one award he got in Denmark was not an international award, it wasw a Desi kind of club of Pakistanies. The actual International Jurist Award is a different thing.

  3. @Munir Akram…!!
    Zardari and Gillani are directly involved in Corruptions, while its the CJ's son not CJ himself…and now he already put his son in front of court for the justice, and clarified that if he will found guilty, must be punished…!!!
    You damn stupid, feel the difference in Right and Wrong

    • Omar, that s ur language, Why was CJ so ignorant of his son's massive corruption?Why cud not u see the difference? There r 100 times stronger evidences against CJ son, and it s confirmed by hawkish anti-Zardari anchor like Kamran Khan and Javed Chaudhry. CJ was not ignorant of that massive corruption and life style of his son that everybody knew. Why not he directed FIA or NAB to do the inquiry and why not he set up commission like he did in case of MEMO GATE on the first hearing?See the difference.

      • Mr Jiala, let me ask u a simple question! Now that Bilawal is having all that s _ x, drugs, rock&roll in London & is enjoying his life partying hard (now dunno say those pics on the net have been Photoshopped) on Pakistan's tax payer money that his dad is siphoning at the speed of light to his bank accounts in Switzerland, why do not you as his "spiritual" follower take an action, go to some committee of PPP and inform his dad, the president of Pakistan that look! What is the chairman of the PPP doing? How is he taking his "best revenge" from the people of Pakistan through all that loot made from "democracy"!! Also, how about telling ur Jiala Premier from Multan that one of his kids is looting the Hajies whereas the other has turned into a cocaine smuggler!!

  4. If CJ have an ounce of honour, he should resign…untill his name is cleared with his son.

    • I guess Ch Boota sahib, u r one of the qabza group members that the Jialas of PPP always feel proud of! Get out of Pakistan as ur Prime minister has directed u! Leave it asap!

      • @aloneinlonelyplant , PMLN or PTI have more Qabza Group than PPP. Your highest intellectual stalwart, Hasan Iqbal is a don of his constituency and runs qabza groups, what to speak of others like SanaUllah etc. You also defeat PPP in this respect

      • PMLN or PTI hv more qabza grps in their ranks than PPP. So, in addition to false propagenda you also are far ahead of PPP in making qabza groups.

        • Wow! Jiala supporting another Jiala! Does nt that look ……… interesting! Thanks for admitting that you are a Qabza group! I am not mate! I can never do qabza on some orphan's land (On yes! Jialas love that!!)!! I am not a Jiala clerk at LDA appointed by your Jaiala CM Wattoo back in 90s who made all that black buck and is now hiding it under some pillow in my home! No way sir, i can never be so shamelessly indifferent, acting as a parasite the way, you Jialas do! The best the Jialas can produce for Pakistan is a Mustafa Khar, making plans with India to attack Lahore back in 1984, a BB whose police martyrs her own brother Mir Murtaza in her own days-of-rule, an NRO-fame Zardari, a traitor Hussain Haqqani & his American-citizen-fame wife Farah Naz Isphani, writing columns in New York Times against his own country or Rehman Malik, an all time crook from Sialkot (1996)! To get elected in PPP, i guess the criteria is that one should be the biggest Qabza group, biggest vagabond & biggest poodle of US in Pakistan!!

  5. All Truth passes through three stages. First it is ridiculed, secondly it is violently opposed, thirdly it is accepted as being self-evident says Schopenhauer!
    I wonder in which stage this case is at present, And how far we can entertain ourselves with the help of media!

  6. Why are we not talking about the REAL CULPRIT?He is MALIK RIAZ and he is an absconder. London is haven for all criminals and no one talks about it!! This man should be in the news and not others.Get your bearings right and that includes media too. Malik Riaz has decided to use his money to shut the media up by suddenly paying heavily by introducing long commercials of his shady projects.Wake up.

    • Absolutely right. Malik Riaz who was considered so honest a business man turns out to be a deviant.

      He should be brought to attention & if guilty sentenced with Arsalan. Enough of this evil & vile man.

  7. The important thing is to find out on whose behest Malik Riaz trapped Arsalan Iftikhar, in any case the damage has been done and objective achieved

  8. .
    Every Pak. 'Suo Motto' brings us business (sorry, we mean 'patients').
    Thank you SC. Thank you Hnbl. IC …

    – Medical Business Association of Londonistan

  9. What a novel way of involving CJ, we are all to be blamed for it. None of the corrupt elements have been punshied in this government tenure, who is to be blamed, I believe its judiciary, have we seen any verdict coming forth in any of cases whether its NICL, Haj Scandle, PM Son's case, none what so ever, all decisions are pending and all mighty & powerful are roaming free. It is alarming for this nation who is sleeping and heading for self destruction. I dont want this democracy, a society full of evils, can't have worst nation than this and feel pity for it.

    • Rest assured like MEMO GATE CJ son will also be buried by judges, although this case has the strongest evidences of all the cases which the court has heard during last 4 years. Even CJ son admitted he run 900 million business in real estate and communication, and wonder CJ had no knowledge of this.

  10. CJ was such a blind person, he didn't see his unemployed 34 year old son sudden rise to 400 million bussiness and his tours abroad…I accept chaudhry and his son are innocent.

    • Hey Mr. Boota, how about all the "party" ur party chairmsn, Bilawal Bhutto is having in London these days! Perhaps, the money is getting "brief-case-wired" directly from President house to his London accounts! Isnt that Pakistani tax payer money mate!!

  11. In Arsalan's case, we have "allegation" of corruption. In zardari's case, we have "proof". And in gillani's case case, we just have a mental case 🙂

    • Brother, You now seem to be mentally frustrated after hearing your favourite CJ's son corruption which, u must admit, has the strongest evidences of all the corruption cases which court has heard in last 4 years. Please, note CJs initial reluctance to leave the bench. His public image was built by certain quarters (with political purposes) in last 4 years. But those who know the things that public image was different from reality. All the things you might hear about a person on media may not be correct, becoz political elements try to distort images to advance their political objectives.

      • I guess Munir, perhaps, you are lining urself up to grab the next "Secretary – Media Relations" for PPP-Layari or probably wish to grab additional forms of Benazir Income Support Program that you will fill on the ID cards of your servants but take the money into your accounts! Rehman Dakait, xyz Baloch, …..true shaheed leaders of PPP_layari ! Thats what you will be defending mate I will be happy to see you defending all these proven-culprits only coz these are all Jialas!! Thats what the mentality of Jialas like you are! Keep pushing all the dirt under the carpet till the time it turns into a mountain & then start calling it …….What a fabulous mountain!!

  12. What is surprising is that Malik Riaz is turning out to be such a deviant as well.

    So much for successful business men. May he pay for his crime on this earth as well as well as the hereafter.

  13. We all in Great Britain greatly support the Chief Justice and strongly condemned the fabricated story engineered by Rakhmon Molok,some time interior minister some time Interior adviser due to his deeds.

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