Grazie signore! Italian ambassador talks up Pak-EU bond


Strengthening the economic and trade links between Europe and Pakistan is the key for prosperous future relation. This was stated by Italian ambassador to Pakistan Vincenzo Prati while delivering a lecturer on “Issue of growth in the relation between Europe and Pakistan”. He said EU should come forward and help Pakistan for its steady growth “While thinking about the future we cannot ignore the past as we have a rich history of ties between Mediterranean and this Part of the world” he added. The event was organized by Taxila Institute of Asian Civilization, (TIAC) Quaid-i-Azam University and Embassy of Italy with an aim to acknowledge the efforts and contribution of Italian archaeologists in the Promotion of Cultural Heritage of Pakistan. The Department of Archaeology and Museums, Government of Pakistan, and the Italian Archaeological Mission of IsIAO has a successful story of fifty years of cooperation in the field of archaeology. This consists of visits of the experts of archaeology and museum, exchange of publications and reports and scholarship programmes. t was Professor Giuseppe Tucci who was attracted by the valley of Swat back in 1950s as he frequently confronted the mention of Swat in the holy literature of Tibet. QAU Vice Chancellor, Prof. Dr. Masoom Yasinzai said that since 1955 a number of archaeologists, anthropologists and geo-physicists of the Italian Archaeological Mission handsomely contributed to the reconstruction of the history and culture of the area.