CJ must quit from his position till the completion of investigation against his son: Kazmi


Former Federal Minister for Religious Affairs, Hamid Saeed Kazmi on Friday advised the Chief Justice of Pakistan, Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry to step down from his position till the completion of impartial investigation against his son, Dr Arsalan Iftikhar.
Speaking on point of order in the National Assembly session, he said that why he has been put into jail since last one and a half year without any evidence while every one is making noise not to discuss the case without having solid evidence against the CJ’s son.
“One TV anchorperson said in his programme, that the FIA wants to give me relief, adding that people who laid blame on me failed to provide any evidence”, he said.
He said that no one could dare to challenge the CJ but for the supremacy of the justice the CJ must quit from his position until the Honorable court resolves the case.
“The CJ advised me to quit from Federal ministership, which might caused any hindrance in the process of independent investigation against, when I appeared before the CJ as a Federal Minister”, said Hamid Saeed Kazmi.
Meanwhile, other members of the parliament appreciated Hamid Saeed Kazmi’s advise by thumping the desks.


  1. Money Launderer Kazmi you have no right to speak about anything agaisntCJ.As rhis is a great conspiracy agaiinst Mr. Chaudry.Now the cat is away and rats come out to play.Keep the name of islam and making frauds and cheatting the innocent public.

    • it seems that either you are one of the wahabaras who talk well of their wahabi scholars and ill of their Prophet, or you or one of those paid by the wahabaras, or maybe you are simply an ignorant man who loves to spread his ignorance to others. if you want to embarrass yourself, then do have an open manazara with Mr Kazmi, maybe he'll help you improve your english grammar as well. chief justice is acting god at the moment, either he is getting money for his wrongdoings, or he is simply personally sick, either way he would see his downfall inshallah, if not in this world then in hereafter. and those who spread lies like younus sahab here, without knowing anything…well i simply pity them for their shallow minds.

    • muhammad younus sb ye btayen k ap ne kab aur kahan munazra kerna hai……bulke main apko mubahilay ka challenge de raha hon….ager himmat hai to quran beech main rakhain ge aur mubahila karain ge…..Jo Sacha hoga us ki Maut Hazrat Imam Hussain(a.s) k sath ho ge jo jhootha ho ga wo yazeedi ho ker yazeed k sath marray ga….bolo kerty ho Mubahila…Uthaty ho Quran baat shrou kerny se pehly….k ager jo bh jhoota hua wo ek saal k andar andar maar jaye ga

    • Muhammad Younus sb…main munaziray k haq main nahi hon….ager kerna hai to mubahila karain warna maan lain k ap he jhooty hain….main lahore main hon jis time bh mubahilay k mood ho faqeer nakarah ko yaad ker leijiye ga…..hum hazir ho jayen ge….ye mera e.mail id hai [email protected]

    • Kindly jawab zaroor deijiye ga mubahilay k liye…….baqi munazira waghaiara hum ne nahi kerna…..ager karain to phir sub se ooncha kaam karain na…..AAR YA PAAR……zahir se baat hai k ap ne comment kia hai kuch soch smjh k kia hoga….koi evidence hon ge koi proof hon ge….ap bh le ayen apny evidence hum bh le aatay hain…….Mubahila start kerty hain agay jo ho ge dekhi jaye ge……KYA KHAYAL HAI?

  2. Koi muqaddas gaey nahi hay……No even CJ….. Koi baap itna andha or gonga behra nahi hota k betay k kertotun ka notice na la sakay

  3. Kazmi sb ko intaha pasand wahabi najdi tolay ko khush karnay k liay khrab kia gya….Unhain khrab karnay walay zalil hun gay

  4. This man never hesitated to screw poor Haji. How he has guts to even suggest any thing like that

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