‘Extraordinarily dissatisfied with Pakistani action against Haqqanis’


Chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen Martin E Dempsey joined Defence Secretary Leon E Panetta on Thursday in expressing unhappiness with Pakistan’s progress in battling the Haqqani network’s use of safe havens in Pakistan.
Pakistan is working to battle other threats within FATA, Dempsey told reporters. “Although we are extraordinarily dissatisfied with the effect that Pakistan has had on the Haqqani network, we are also mindful that they are conducting military operations, at great loss elsewhere,” Dempsey said.
Regional Command East, which includes Khost and Logar provinces, has seen an uptick in activity, largely due increased activity by the Haqqani network, Dempsey said. The Haqqani network was as big a threat to Pakistan as it was to Afghanistan and the United States, Dempsey said. He added that the US would continue to work with Pakistan to find common ground on ways to deal with the cross-border threat posed by the Haqqani network and other groups.
In addition to the recent activity by the Haqqani network, Dempsey said al Qaeda remained a threat in Pakistan, particularly within FATA, and to a lesser extent within Afghanistan. Coalition efforts had been very successful in eliminating al Qaeda leaders, though others continue to take their place, he added. Dempsey cited the June 4 death of Abu Yahya Al-Libi, al Qaeda’s second in command, as an example of those successes, calling it a significant loss for the terror group. “Most of those who 10 years ago we began tracking are no longer a part of al Qaeda, they’re no longer part of any organization,” Dempsey said. “We are at war with al Qaeda and we will pursue them wherever we find them,” he said.


  1. Dempsey all pakistanis are already too much and extraordinary fed up and disappointed by Americas freindship.As your policies are not good and you people are not fair and sincere.

  2. All official from US making media statements to cornor Pakistan. Where is Pakistan information ministry? Why dont Pakistan put its case in media with force, that no country has lost so much in this War on Terror than Pakistan with lives of so many its people and loss on economic front? In this age of information, Pakistani government, specially home, defence and information ministry should have well formed international media policy to put Pakistan case in front of world instead just listening to these statements and letting them paint Pakistan in whatever way they want! one doesnt have to be anti US to put a true case for Pakistan and then let the world decide after getting to know both side of the picture!

    Wake up Pakistan!

    • Agreed. We need to present our case now. Its not the time to remain silent anymore.

    • What do you hear in Kyani and other govt functionary statements daily in the media? Do they not say this daily? If they this in media statements, they must also be saying this in their talks with US functionaries. Do you think you are more clever than them?They guys who made it to Presidency, Chief of Staff, and PM must be possessing that much wisdom.

    • We have paid lal topis doing this work. These people can fool un-educated fools but the truth is the truth. Can anyone really deny the presence of militants on Pakistan soil. Is GOP/GHQ doing all it can to eliminate this menace? Our public is de-moralized to the extent that we want to belive the BS propagated by these topis , even tough we know its not true. We have been using these militants as proxies from the birth of our nation. The sooner we realize our mistakes the sooner we can hope of correcting them.

  3. Perhaps Mr. Dempsey is forgetting that Pakistanis are 10x more dissatisfied from USA. And have absolutely no trust whatsoever. Its better you declare us enemies then to treat us far worst as friend

  4. The govt does not have control over what goes on in its territory. There are terrorists that roam freely and the govt and the jihadi public do not have the capacity, nor the will to go after these guys. Someone has to eliminate these terrorists and this can be done only by the US.

  5. Pakistani people are also "extra ordinarily" dissatisfiied with their own govt. and military. The only people satisfied are the ppp politicians and the military leadership and they are failing on all fronts. Pakistan is on its way to total isolation under this govt. Time for America to change the leadership structure in Pakistan.

  6. statement of Dympsy and Leon Penetta are warning signals for Pakistan as US can at any time send drones inside Pakistan territory in search of Haqqani network and millitants of Al-Qaida

    • .
      Not to forget Ayman al-Zawahir. Hillary clearly mentioned he is in Pak …

      It would be a disaster for Pakistan if OBL situation repeats. Keep your fingers crossed …

  7. And we have crossed the Rubicon of tolerating your unfriendly acts. We have done enough of your dirty work in your war and are unwilling to do any further. You must get out of Afghanistan to avoid loss of more US soldiers' lives. Go USA go back home.

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