Pakistan reaffirms demand for US apology | Pakistan Today

Pakistan reaffirms demand for US apology

Foreign Minister Hina Rabbani Khar has reaffirmed Pakistan’s demand for a US apology over deadly NATO raid at Salala post if it wants resumption of supply routes into Afghanistan.
In an interview to ‘Foreign Policy’ magazine she asked the Obama administration to respect the will of Pakistan’s parliament.
She said despite political challenges‚ the United States should live up to its principles of doing “what we consider to be right rather than what is more popular.”
The foreign minister‚ contends that the US should come up with something in consonance with the aspirations and the will of the people of Pakistan.

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  1. Hamid Khan said:

    Forget about apology. Pakistan will get more Drone attacks and a big BAMBOO up their A** from US

  2. Hamid Khan said:

    HINA Rabbani Khar should not make statements. She should arrange paying up outstanding Bill for electricity

  3. _maxPain_ said:

    resistance is futile,,,

    Soooo many brave words made by young,immature,rebel want to be,Pakistani officials and/or citizens.

    Please keep resisting Pakistan,Keep resisting with your narrow,single minded,one way crumbling fake spirit..Please keep telling us just how much we are the Devil and you are the voices of reason.Tell us how mighty yo can be and how the entire western hemisphere will be destroyed by your mighty perfect (in every ways) civilization

    Please be like the awesome in-penetrable Republican Guard of Irak or the ww2 Nazi's, We beg you to maintain friendly relations with rebel terrorist in the name of HALLAH or WHAT EVER GOD'S you believe in..
    You ragheads whant it ??
    You will get it !!
    We won't bomb you guy's,because that is what you want,nop we will choke your economy,isolate you at the United Nations,making alliances with your so-called friends,and when nothing,not a single soul,product,would be able to get in or out of your ohh Mighty city's,and you will have no more resources other than your cows or goats or (what ever animals you retarded,primitive,minimalist people are in adulation with)
    Then,,just then,you will have to face a coalition of about 40 to 50 nations at your doorsteps and they will re-arrange your curry buffet from an altitude that non of you ever thought possible of.
    So there you go,,get rid of a few criminals on your own and get with the program or,,be All you can be and face the entire planet,the choice is yours but be careful your so called friends will never go against the wave,they are to smart for that,THEY CAN SEE THE BIG PICTURE. .(a concept you wouldn't or couldn't understand anyway)

    Personally I would love to see a warlord free Pakistan,a proud and modern unified Pakistan empire,peaceful and free with rules and regulations but right now I only have 2 words for you,,,BAR SOAP,,clean up your act,clean up your streets,take showers,EVERYDAY,,and join us or be brave and forgotten
    A westerner like many others
    Brave enough to reveal my identity,unlike you yellow criminals..

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