Hashmi urges youth to get PTI membership


Javed Hashmi has said that students are the real force behind the PTI Tsunami against the corrupt regime. It is need of the hour to capitalize the youth energy for a positive change.
He was addressing the office bearers of Insaf Students Federation (ISF) Karachi at Palwal House. Hashmi said that our country had been ruled by status quo parties, which brought no betterment to the country
Now Imran Khan has united us on one platform so it is the responsibility of students to be agent of change and spread political awareness, he added.
“Every student is a Baghi from inside in this age and we need to capitalize that energy for a positive change in Pakistan. I appreciate the active role of youth in national politics”, he added.
He said that ISF had mobilized the students all over Pakistan in a very short period of time which no student organization had done so far. He especially applauded the presence and participation of females in ISF.
He advised ISF to actively take part in the upcoming membership drive and put their efforts to bring a democratic change in Pakistan.
Earlier, President ISF Karachi Arsalan Ghumman said that Javed Hashmi was the best role model for the students in politics. Javed Hashmi had always stood against the dictatorial mindset and corrupt regimes, he added.
President ISF Sindh Alamgir Khan Mehsud paid tribute to the honesty of Javed Hashmi and requested him to guide students in the light of his vast experience of politics.
PTI Central Vice President Najeeb Haroon, PTI Sindh General Secretary Syed Hafeezuddin, ISF Karachi General Secretary Umair Ahmed and others also addressed on this occasion.
LUMHS successfully tests natural water purification : The Water Testing and Surveillance Laboratory of Liaquat University of Medical and Health Sciences Jamshoro performed low cost efficient water purification test of naturally sunlight treated water.
The university spokesman informed here on Wednesday that the idea encompassed a scientific principal based on bacterial efficiency of ultra violet rays contained in the sunlight adequately available in Pakistan round the year. The Vice Chancellor Prof. Dr Mashoor Alam Shah has directed to carry out water test in this regard, the spokesman informed.
The water samples having evidence of microorganisms were exposed to sunlight in plastic bottles for six hours and 48 hours respectively under SODIS (Solar Water Disinfection) Method. No microorganism activity was seen when analyzed by PMN and filtration technics and having no health threat if consumed by human being. Untreated water from the same source showed a tangible level of microbial activity surely hazardous for human health if consumed.
The spokesman said that water analysis confirmed the efficacy of Ultra Violet Rays which we are having abundance for clean water purification with merely no cost involved. It simply involves instruction and education of common masses how to use efficiently this cost effective method for enhancing safety of their drinking water, he said.
The university offers actual cost bases water testing services to the provincial and district governments, non-governmental organizations, autonomous bodies, international collaborating agencies and even the individuals to contribute in national efforts for drinking water safety.