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US helps Pakistani farmers produce more

A delegation from the American Agriculture Foreign Agriculture Service (USDA/FAS) Department visited Punjab last week as part of a larger visit to the country to assess the progress of USDA’s $49 million worth of agricultural development programmes in Pakistan. The goal of these programmes is to increase agricultural productivity and economic development through training, the introduction of disease resistant seeds, and vaccination for Foot and Mouth disease. These programmes will improve the lives of Pakistani farmers who will see their livelihoods increase as a direct result of the increase in production these programmes will provide.
While in the Punjab, the USDA/FAS delegation visited an agricultural research center in Chakwal to assess the ongoing water, wheat, and cotton projects. The delegation also traveled just outside Lahore to review progress on a Foot and Mouth disease vaccination programme at a local dairy colony. The USDA/FAS delegation also met with implementing partners to discuss progress and how to improve upon the projects. Delegation members said they were impressed with the level of Pakistani scientific expertise, including the quality of laboratory work and the diversity of research projects being implemented.
The delegation members included USDA/FAS Administrator Office of Country and Regional Affairs (OCRA) Deputy Lloyd Harbert, USDA/FAS Administrator Office of Capacity Building Division Deputy Assistant Howard Anderson, USDA/FAS Fragile Market Economies (FMED) Office of Country and Regional Affairs Director Gene Philhower and USDA/FAS Office of Foreign Service Operations Director Susan Phillips.

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