Paramedics continue protests


The paramedics’ strike for service structure revision and other demands entered its 27th day on Tuesday. The paramedics in the province continued protesting for their demands for a revised service structure, health professional allowance and the regularisation of contract employees.
The paramedics closed the out-patient departments (OPDs), indoors and other departments of the hospitals to record their protest against the lack of interest on the part of the health department to resolve the outstanding issues of employees.
Meanwhile, laboratory technicians, ECG technicians, x-ray technician and MRI technicians also abandoned their work. Only the emergency wards, ICUs and CCUs were operational during this time.
Dozens of the paramedics demonstrated against the provincial government at all divisional headquarters and chanted slogans in favour of their demands.
In Lahore, the paramedical staff launched their protest in front of the Ganga Ram Hospital.
The protesters said their demands have not been fulfilled since the last year even after the assurance of the Punjab government.
The angry demonstrators threatened to close the emergency wards if their demands were not met.