NJ’s ‘Bermuda Triangle’: Water reservoir home to mystery


Conspiracy theorists, rejoice! There is no need to travel all the way to the Florida/Bermuda/Puerto Rico area to dig into a triangular mystery as we present the new ‘Bermuda Triangle of New Jersey’: a water reservoir, whose 2,000 acres come stocked with trout and intrigue. A few dozen people have died there over the past four decades, and six remain missing. It’s those missing bodies, which officials believe are slumbering in the 180-foot depths that have fuelled the legend, helped along by the fact that a skeletal foot was fished from the reservoir in May. The cases of the missing include two men who never returned after setting out in a canoe in 1977; a fisherman who, according to his rescued buddy, reportedly drowned in 1993. A submarine searched the lake in 2006, but turned up no remains. It’s not yet known if the foot belongs to one of the missing. But a number of local fishermen pooh-pooh the idea of supernatural wind cycles and the like. According to one, the valley’s bowl shape is what churns up winds of up to 40mph, which makes setting out in a boat smaller than 14 feet dangerous-especially considering the as-cold-as-50-degree water that greets any who capsize and slows decomposition, keeping bodies closer to the bottom.