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Kohistan boy claims five girls killed by Jirga

Muhammad Afzal, brother of two boys dancing in the video, Wednesday again claimed that the girls were killed on May 30 because of a Fatwah given by Molana Javed of Mansehra.
Talking to the media after appearing before the apex court in the Kohistan suo motu case, he said Bazgha, Amina, Shaheen, Begum and another girl were slaughtered on directions by the local Jarga.
“All the five girls Bazgar, Amna, Shaheen, Begum and one more have been killed by the jirga on May 30 and I have four witnesses of the killing,” he said.
Muhammad Afzal said the cleric of Mansehra Mollana Javed along with local Jirga members gave a Fatwa to kill these girls for dancing with boys.
He told the media that three of the deceased girls were real sisters and two of them were relatives.
To a query Muhammad Afzal said that his brothers and other neutral witnesses told him about the killing of five girls.
Afzal said he and his brothers have received life threats and added that the local police has failed to protect them.
“We have life threats from commissioner Hazara and DIG Hazara,” he added. “No action is being taken against the murderers of these girls.”
He said that the jirga had sent 40 to 50 people to kill him and his brothers. He added that five men of his family would be killed against the killing of five girls.

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  1. khalid said:

    Molana Javed of Manshera is a beast in disguise and scum of our society. What an image of Islam and society in Pakistan this inhumane act conveys to the world at large. Such type of hate mongers and psychopaths must be given exemplary punishment, to put a brake to this type of Fatwa issuance.

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