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Khar to US: Want to revive partnership? have to say sorry first!

Asking Washington to rise above political expediencies of an election year, Foreign Minister Hina Rabbani Khar has said the US should apologize to Pakistan over Salala attacks to revive partnership with her key South Asian country.
In an interview with Foreign Policy magazine, Khar also reiterated Islamabad’s opposition to the continuing American drone attacks on Pakistani tribal areas.
The foreign minister challenged the United States to live up to its democratic ideals by respecting the will of Pakistan’s elected legislature. “A representative Parliament of 180 million people has spoken on one subject,” she said in an account of the interviewed reported from Doha, where the Brookings Institution held a US-Islamic World Forum. “
Khar, who is the youngest Pakistani foreign minister and the first woman to hold the office, spoke six months after the November 26, 2011 Salala strikes, in which US warplanes destroyed two Pakistani posts along the Afghan border, killing 24 soldiers and provoking a series of retaliatory measures by Islamabad.
“[This is] something which should have been forthcoming the day this incident happened, and what a partnership not only demands, but requires,” the foreign minister said, stressing the need for an apology.
Khar has contended with a series of crises that would overwhelm even the most veteran diplomat., the magazine reported.
The Nov. 26 attacks involved two US Apache helicopters, an AC-130 gunship, and two F-15E Strike Eagle fighter jets that opened fire on two Pakistani military check posts.
Pakistan reacted by shuttering the vital NATO ground supply routes into Afghanistan — they remain closed to this day.
Meanwhile, the US and its NATO allies have been paying a much higher price by transporting essential supplies into landlocked Afghanistan from the north, which involves a far longer route than the Pakistani roads and must pass through several countries including Russia and Central Asian states.
Pakistan’s parliament also responded in April by passing a 14-point set of guidelines meant to govern the US-Pakistani relationship, which called on the government to seek an apology for the “condemnable and unprovoked” attack.
According to the magazine, the United States, however, isn’t in the mood to say sorry. The relationship with Pakistan has hit its nadir in the past year — and to make matters worse, it’s now hostage to the election season. With Mitt Romney attacking Barack Obama as a president who “go[es] around the world and apologize[s] for America,” the odds that the White House will give Khar what she wants, providing Republicans with political fodder in the process, appear slim.

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  1. KAMRAN said:

    Is she buying her drugs from musa gillani too? US is never going to apologize. Not going to happen. PPP govt. is fighting a battle that they absolutely cannot win. They may as well start looking for a face saving way out of this one. The weakest country in the world does not stand a chance against the strongest country of the world. Does ppp govt. not understand that we need US much more than US will ever need us?

  2. Guest said:

    hahahha Sorry … for what ??????? Hahahahha
    what is she going to show to US to elicit a Sorry …..?

  3. Anon said:

    US is hot on partnership? You must be kidding …

    US buys what it can buy. Otherwise they do what they do best — make good bombs and drop them right …

    • Anon said:

      By-the-way Ms. Khar, you are given the dirty end of the stick to hold …

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