Punjab govt to stand by masses’ demand for basic rights: Sanaullah


Punjab Law Minister Rana Sanaullah has said the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) led provincial government will stand by the masses as they protested in favour of their demands for basic rights such as smooth power supply.
Talking to the media on Monday, Rana Sanaullah said the federal government had intentionally deprived Punjab of electricity to avenge the masses of the province for supporting PML-N.
He stated that through a pre-planned conspiracy the federal government was destroying the textile industry of Punjab by prolonged and unscheduled load shedding.
Sanaullah added that 700MW of electricity that should have been provided to Punjab, had been given to Sindh instead, while the people of the province have to bear load shedding of up to 20 hours.
He said the ministers and MPAs from the N-League were servants of the masses who were elected to represent them and resolve their hardships.
The provincial law minister said those who blamed the PML-N for rebelling and deceiving the nation should mend their own ways first.
Sana said the federal government considered itself above the law and the constitution but that it wanted other stakeholders to follow the laws of the country.