Protest will continue till the end of load shedding: Shahbaz


Chief Minister Punjab, Mian Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif on his visit to Bahawalpur vowed to continue protest against power outages till the end of load shedding.
Talking to media-men on the occasion, he said his protest against load shedding is demand of the time whereas his decision of shifting his office to a tent at Meenar-e-Pakistan reflected the continuation of his past record.
He vowed that he and his cabinet would continue to work in camps at Meenar-e-Pakistan, till the end of discrimination meted out to the Punjab by excessive power outages and gas load shedding. He reiterated he would not rest till all the provinces were provided an equal share of electricity.
He said working for the betterment of the people was no point scoring.
He claimed that under 18th amendment, no province had the prerogative of production of electricity, and the federal government is wrong in its stance.
He said bias of the federal government against the Punjab was manifest in the load shedding of electricity and gas, which led Punjab government to a loss of Rupees 400b during one year.
Meanwhile, Provincial Minister Iqbal Chunter and other MPAs welcomed him on Bahawalpur Airport.
After his arrival at Bahawalpur Airport, he directly went to the site of construction of a 400-bed hospital.
CM Punjab said no delay in the completion of the project would be tolerated, and he would, himself, monitor the standard of work on the hospital.
He informed that the hospital, bearing a cost of Rupees 4.25b, would be inaugurated on August 14, 2012.
He said the reference sent by President Zardari in National Assembly regarding the provinces of Bahawalpur and Multan was based on hypocrisy and was a set of lies.
He reiterated that protest against President Zardari would continue despite his ongoing conspiracies.
He claimed the federal government received billions of rupees on account of kickbacks by selling fertilizers on high rates.
Shahbaz Sharif also challenged the criticizers and asked them to criticize, if they could, regarding his services during the time of floods and the outbreak of Dengue fever in the province.
On the arrival of Chief Minister Punjab, paramedical staff and APCCA employees recorded protest outside the camp office for the acceptance of their demands.


  1. I would like to ask Shahbaz Sharif to set up projects of power generation in Punjab. He has not added a single megawatt to the grid. He should be the last person to protest against power outages. He was also hand in gloves with his brother Nawaz Sharif in mid-90s when power generation projects were being scandalised. Just imagine, if those power projects had not been set-up despite their strong opposition, where would we be standing today? We should be eternally grateful to Benazir Bhutto for giving us those projects.

  2. Now this CM is talking of rifts between federal government and punjab government. Dangerous thoughts. He looks like joker and his policies and actions are fake.

  3. Central govt is delaying the projects proposed by Punjab govt. In some case machinery is lying on ports but letter of authority is not being issued.

    • @Ali, why is not being reported in the media then? Would you please forward any proof of this? Perhaps send it to PakistanToday editors so they can post news about it.

    • Dear Ali can u any project for which Central Govt is delaying. As per Zaeem Qadri 1500 MW Memo of understadning have been signed there is no project in pipeline by Punjab

  4. Where the machinery is lying on ports? This is just a fabricated news being spread by propaganda wing of PMLN. The truth is that Punjab govt has not started a single project. All of them r on papers. Perwaiz Rashid said 3000MW projects r on papers. What the hell? 4 yrs gone. If this is the case, then Fed govt has 50000MW projects on paper.

  5. @Ali, No machinery lying on ports. This is just a fabricated news being spread by propagenda wing of Sharif brothers.

  6. Shareefs brothers are looters of this nation, corrupt politicians and dishonest persons. Now all this drama they are making to keep them alive in media as they are under serious threat from Imran khan and as Imran,s popularity is surging high theirs dwindling fast . So in order to somehow counter that he is making this dramas. But for both shareefs brothers and zardaris, the writing is on the wall. Their exit is for sure to happen and happen fast, Inshallah. They will be drowned in the Tsunami of Imran khan.

  7. sharif are scared of tsunami so have to come up with drama to fool the public and for 4 years they were a sleep but tsunami is giving them nightmares

  8. Is it just a coincidence or an understanding that the Leader of Tsunami IK is demanding PML(N) to resign from NA and so is the leader of Badnami YR Gillani making same demand?.

    • No its not because Nawaz is a poor tactician & does not know any of the rules of the game in politics, hes a thief & a corrupt man.

    • Sharifs have mind of thieves. Whatever they launch is fraught with corruption. Now, they r to launch belectric generator scheme for tube wells. Instead of installing electric power plants in Punjab during their last 4 years, they r planing to start this scheme which will cost billions and fill Sharif pockets as well. I wonder why not they spend this much money on power plants instead of starting such scams

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