Meera to tie the knot with Capt Naveed on July 21


After dishing out numerous controversies regarding her engagement to Pakistani-American pilot, Captain Naveed, Meera has finally announced that she will marry Naveed on July 21. The announcement came after her fiancé Captain Naveed’s father, Raja Pervez, agreed to accept her as his daughter-in-law. Talking to the media, Pervez said the groom’s family had accepted Meera as their daughter-in-law on the insistence of their son. Earlier, reports had circulated that Pervez had accused Meera of fleecing the family of a large sum of money on the pretext of buying a house. Later, he had allegedly refused to consider letting his son marry Meera as he feared her previous marriage to had not been dissolved yet and that her case was pending in the Pakistan Marriage Court. Pervez was said to have to gone so far as to break off the engagement. A few weeks after the flurry of accusations began to pick up pace, Naveed Shahzad returned to Pakistan and called a press conference where he denied the accusations made by his father against Meera. Assuring the media that things were ‘good’ between the pair, he had said the couple planned to marry soon. However, at the press conference called to announce the wedding date, Naveed’s father, Pervez denied making any accusations against Meera, saying that those were ‘baseless’ reports circulated through the media. However, he accepted that their family was going through an ‘anxious phase’ as a character assassination campaign against Meera had been launched by the media.


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