Man kills brother’s family in Chakwal


In a gory incident of its kind that occurred in the city, a man gunned down the entire family of his brother.
According to details, the exchange of hot words between the women of the family was soon joined by their husbands, the blood brothers to each others. One of the brothers Muhammed Sohaib opened indiscriminate fire killing his brother Muhammed Doraiz, his wife and four children.
The deceased include Muhammed Doraiz’s son Shafiq, 21, and three daughters Shumaila, 32, Naila 18, and Umme Nisa. Meantime, Faisal, 26, was shifted to DHQ Hospital Rawalpindi.
Police began search for the accused, who is on the run after he committed the gruesome crime of bloodshed.
It should be mentioned here that the two brothers were living in the same house where the children of the two used to fight each others.