Federal capital safe place for car thieves


Owing to negligence on the part of authorities concerned, it seemed the federal capital has become a safe place for the car lifters as during the month of May, 48 vehicles have been stolen from the various areas of the city, Pakistan Today has learnt.
The cases of car thefts are drastically increasing in the federal capital with each passing day while recovery rate is recorded extremely low.
Of total 48 vehicles, the police department has managed to recover only four vehicles till May 30.
It is relevant to note here that during the first five months of the ongoing year as many as 227 vehicles were either stolen or snatched at gunpoint in various areas of the federal capital.
During the month of January, 50 vehicles were stolen while 42 vehicles were lifted in February, 50 in March, 37 in April and during car snatchers deprived 48 people of their vehicles in May. According to information collected by Pakistan Today from various police stations during the month of May, the-newly established Lohi Behr police station topped the list with eight car theft cases, followed by PS Margalla and Industrial Area with five cases each.
Whereas, during the last month, four vehicles were stolen in the limits of Kohsar police station, three in the jurisdiction of Sabzimandi police station and four in the precinct of Aabpara police station. It is worth mentioning here that these are just the reported cases while police always showed reluctance in registering FIRs of car-lifting.
Talking to Pakistan Today a senior police officer wishing not be named said: “It is alarming as car lifting cases are regularly taking place and recovery rate is very low. I’m sorry but we have to acknowledge that till the appointments of honest and upright SHOs, the department cannot stop the growing car theft cases,” he added.
Talking to Pakistan Today, another senior police officer seeking anonymity said there was a group of influential police inspectors who have held the seats of SHOs of various police stations since long. “Since they are influential and have no fear of suspension, they don’t bother to control the car theft cases,” the officer opined.
It may be recalled here that according to Pakistan Today’s finding almost all SHOs deputed in various police stations of the federal capital have tainted career but they are enjoying lucrative posts due to their good connections.