‘World’s fattest cat’ put on diet


Sponge Bob a nine year old cat, which at 30 pounds, weighs the same as a four-year-old child, and is on a strict diet and fitness regime at the animal shelter. Dedicated staff at Animal Haven in New York came up with exercises to encourage Sponge Bob to move, helping him shed 3lbs in just two months. Sponge Bob may well now be the world’s heaviest cat after the previous fattest cat Meow, from Sante Fe, New Mexico, died of pulmonary failure at 39lbs, earlier this month. Kendra Mara, Animal Haven’s associate director, said: “Sponge Bob came to us when his owner went into a nursing home. We don’t know how he became so big. We can only guess that his owner, because he was ill, was feeding him dry food on a regular basis, maybe just leaving it out, so he was able to eat whenever he wanted.” Sponge Bob is fed a special protein diet food of lean chicken, fish and vegetables such as pumpkin, containing no carbohydrates.