Pakistan eyeing $2,000 for each NATO truck


During negotiations with the US for reopening NATO supply routes, the government reportedly demanded between $1,800 and $2,000 as the fee for every container and tanker passing through the country.
Earlier, the US had refused to accept Pakistan’s demand of $5,000 a truck.
Since then, negotiations have been underway and the government has now proposed a fee of between $1,800 and $2,000.
“Once the deal is finalised, it will end the standoff between the US and Pakistan over the NATO supply routes, which started in November over the killing of 24 Pakistani soldiers in a NATO airstrike on Salala checkpost,” a government official said on Monday.
He said Pakistan could no longer bear the US pressure for reopening the NATO routes as the country’s financial interests were attached to the issue. On the other hand, the Difa-e-Pakistan Council, a grouping of over 40 hardliner groups under Hafiz Saeed, has warned that it would organise a “long march” if the federal government reopened the NATO supply routes. “We have also learnt that the Pakistani government has almost agreed to reopen the NATO routes by charging $2,000 dollars from the US for each truck,” said Jamaat-e-Islami chief Munawar Hassan, who is part of the DPC. He said Pakistan was facing “extreme pressure” from the US in this regard. “We think the government cannot sustain the American pressure and it will surely reopen the NATO supply routes in the near future,” he said.


  1. "On the other hand, the Defa-e-Pakistan Council, a grouping of over 40 hardline and extremist groups cobbled together by Jamaat-ud-Dawah chief Hafiz Mohammad Saeed"

    These lines tells how good this site is by calling their own people extremist. Well done PakistanToday. You seems getting some fund from some other country and creating negative image of your own people while promoting hidden agenda of others.

    • Wheres your evidence to toss the guilt lives of 40k Pakistanis on DPC. Your double standards are irritating for a human with even slight rational as how you forget mentioning innocent country men killed by drone attacks.


  3. No. Of people killed by Terrorists in Pakistan is far more than no. Of people killed in drone strikes. So we must focus on countering terrorism rather than countering US. US is fighting against global terrorism and doesnot care about civilians of other country. If there are 4 family members and 1 millitant lives in a house US will blast the house for that 1 millitant because killing 5 people including 4 innocent people can save hundreds of life. This is US ideology.

  4. Wow bargaining.
    Pakistan earlier sold kashmir to china, then sold Waziristan to America and now bargaining for tanks. AMAZING.
    Comeon let us sell Punjab and Sindh to India. They are rich and will pay lot of amount for Punjab and Sindh and this will help Pakistan rebusting its econømy and will also strengthen relationship between Pakistan and India. They have already offered 10 million dollars to buy our ISLAMIC GODFATHER hafeez saeed. Sell him also as this will help rebusting our economy.

  5. I wonder how much Xavier Hollander would have demanded if she were to entertain a top the tanker! At least she would not squander the money and put to proper use of all who serve her clients interest. The demand is not bad! but who has the upper hand is the test of wits.

  6. Price of our ghairat is goin down. May be our 'ghairat' should be traded on KSE with price being determined by the supply and demand! LOL!

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