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PM promises jobs to 35,000 graduates in Balochistan

Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani on Sunday said he had given directions to the Balochistan chief secretary to identify 35,000 graduates of the province for providing them jobs in government departments.
Talking to a delegation of PPP Balochistan led by provincial President Mir Sadiq Umrani at the Governor’s House, Gilani said 1,500 jobs had already been provided to the people of Balochistan in the Levies Force. “Another 1,500 jobs will be given this year in the Levies Force in Balochistan,” the PM said.
Gilani said the federal government would further recruit 10,000 youth in different departments and of them, 5000 would be sent abroad after requisition of required skills in their respective fields.
The prime minister said Balochistan “is close to my heart for the welfare and well being of people of Balochistan”.
He said under the 18th amendment, provisional autonomy had been granted to the provinces to empower them.
He said under the 7th National Finance Commission Award (NFC), the share of Balochistan had gone to Rs 120 billion as compared to Rs 40 billion in the past. He said Rs 5 billion would be provided to deserving and poor families of Balochistan, adding that the completion of Kachhi canal would bring revolutionary change in the economy of Balochistan. He said that Rs 31 billion had been allocated for Kachhi canal project and full amount would be released this year for its completion.
Gilani said Rs 3.2 billion had been allocated this year to complete the road between Rato-Dero and Gwadar. “This road would help make the Gwadar port operational and will improve connectivity between three provinces,” the prime minister said. About the Afghan transit trade, he said, “We have improved relations with all our neighbors and Afghan transit trade is the milestone in this regard.
Afghan Transit trade will bring billions of dollars in revenue to Pakistan, he added. He said that incumbent government of PPP had improved relations with Iran, China and other countries. Gilani said Rs 1 billion had been allocated for provision of natural gas to Chaghai area adding that another amount of Rs 4.1 billion had been granted for development of Sui and Kohlu. “The people of Balochistan are very patriotic and talented, they only need an opportunity for which the PPP is making hectic efforts,” he added.

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  1. KAMRAN said:

    Why not provide them with oppurtunities to excell and compete instead of handing them jobs that they may not deserve. This is breeding the wrong kind of culture where nepotism will play a role and bribes will be offered for these jobs. The convict PM has no clue about improving the oppurtunities of a better life for these young students. They will start expecting handouts.

  2. Qadus said:

    This is meant to soothe the Baluch youth rapidly going the way of separatist forces, and hence it s a kind of state maneuver to set off centrifugal tendencies which are at their peak in this province. People openly raise anti-state slogans on Quetta roads and there are passenger buses having " Azad Baluchistan zindabad" on their backside. No Punjabi can enter in much of Baluchistan. This is a purely political move. The above suggestion may be applicable to conditions in other provinces of Pakistan, but not in Baluchistan. This province needs attention in immediate terms, and Federation of Pakistan has so far not taken meaningful steps to satisfy Baloch people.

  3. Anon said:

    All these promises …

    Next year's budget for water resource project is Rs. 48 billion. Baluchistan's share?
    Rs. 700 million on 100 small projects.

    And we hope everything would be fine …

    • Grazar said:

      Good point, come election, lets go & vote so this guy gets hanged in due time.

  4. jameel agha said:

    liveis jobs b sary ministers ko dia hai ghareeb ko koi b faida nae ponchy gaaaa

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