EOBI provides Rs 7.962b to 351,000 workers


The Employees Old Age Benefit Institution (EOBI) has provided Rs7.962 billion to 0.351 million during last nine months to ensure monetary benefits for workers.
This disbursement is 17.8 per cent higher as compared to the corresponding period of last year, an official at EOBI said on Monday.
He said as per plan 0.332 more beneficiaries would benefit from the EOBI’s programmes till June this year as an additional amount of Rs 3.792 billion is allocated for these beneficiaries.
The official said EOBI provides monetary benefits to old age workers through various programmes such as old age pension, invalidity pension, survivors’ pension and old age grants.
He said the other programme of the government is Workers Welfare Fund (WWF) which is also providing assistance to poor labourers all over the country. It provides funds for housing facilities for industrial workers and for other welfare programmes such as the marriage grant, death grant and scholarships etc.
He said during the period mentioned above Rs 77.021 million in expenditures has been incurred for scholarships.
There are 1,456 beneficiaries of this programme, who are children of poor workers. The official said another Rs 636.930 million have been disbursed as marriage grants from which 9,138 families of the workers benefited. He said WWF has also disbursed Rs 341.2 million for death grants for 1,079 cases of mishaps of workers all over the country while Rs 2.54 billion expenditures have been incurred during last 10 months for 46 housing schemes meant for 15,000 families of workers.
Summer vacations in FDE
institutes from June 16: Students of educational institutions working under Federal Directorate of Education (FDE) will have summer vacations from June 16 (Saturday) to August 26 (Sunday).
CADD Spokesman Rafique Tahir told APP that the CADD has approved the proposal of FDE to announce summer vacations from mid of June.
The summer vacations have been delayed this year so that the students can have holidays during the whole month of Ramazan and can celebrate the religious festival of Eidul Fitr in befitting manner.
Last year, the vacations were announced from June 1 to August10 and then extended by the directorate till after Eidul Fitr.
Students are anxiously waiting for the decision of summer vacations as they feel difficult to attend the institutes in scorching heat of summer.
Some are planning to spent the vacations in their hometown and enjoy with their relatives.


  1. June is very hot.July and August are not only hot but humid as well.All three are unbearable due to load-shedding.Why don't they decide for once and all to give vacation from 1st June to1st September?Summer holidays should encompass whole summer.


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