Punjab CM’s camp office remains functional on holiday


Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sahrif’s camp office at Iqbal Park remained functional on Sunday.
Shahbaz Sharif arrived in his camp office by public transport bus. He was accompanied by Senator Pervez Rashid and Chairman Lahore Transport Company Khawaja Ahmad Hassaan. The bus picked and dropped the passengers at different bus stops as usual.
At the camp office, Shahbaz Sharif headed the meetings regarding water supply and Ring Road. He said that the water supply has improved due to masures adopted by the Punjab government. He said the WASA should work day and night and serve the masses according to Service Act.
The power went off as the meeting about water supply to the people begun at Shahbaz’s camp office at Minar-e-Pakistan. The participants of the meeting had to use hand fans.
Shahbaz said he would understand the public issues while holding meetings at tent office. In the meeting, all participants including the CM used handmade fans during an hour’s load shedding.
Shahbaz Sharif said that hypocrisy of the federal government has come to the fore by not implementing the decision announced by the convicted PM in the energy conference for the balanced distribution of electricity.
Talking to reporters at Minar-e-Pakistan after the provincial cabinet meeting, Shahbaz said that convicted prime minister had ensured him that there would be an equal load-shedding in the country but Punjab was being treated as step mother.
He said that he had not trust on the rulers, adding that he was standing along with the masses to protest against the convicted prime minister.


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  3. pls dear sir……….pls do something for public…pls afraid of Allaha….pls pls do something for load shedding…pls feels the feeling of a poor person who is not able to earn money only for food in a day due to load shedding…pls pls for sake God

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